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Grayson Dive Rescue locates car

Vehicle put into lake at Bruin ramp was stolen

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

Responders didn’t know exactly what to expect when they received a call Friday from fishermen reporting an automobile in the water at the Bruin boat ramp on Grayson Lake. Members of the Grayson Fire & Rescue dive team, the Sandy Hook Fire Department, Carter County Emergency Ambulance, and Carter County Sheriff, as well as the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) turned out to cover every possible rescue and law enforcement eventuality. Once the vehicle was recovered, however, it was determined that jurisdiction belonged to the Kentucky State Police, who had put out a bulletin for a vehicle, stolen from Carter County, matching the description of the automobile pulled from the lake.

Trooper Shane Goodall, public affairs officer with KSP Post 14, said they were alerted of the recovery by KDFWR, and that the owners of the vehicle have been notified of its recovery.

While water levels are currently down in the lake, which may have contributed to the vehicle being located by the fishermen who spotted it from their boat, it took dive rescue crew several minutes to pinpoint its exact location. They did this by casting an industrial magnet into the icy waters, looking for a hit, while KDFWR officers maneuvered a boat over target area. After several casts they were able to locate the vehicle, but then struggled to stay on target in the heavy current created by the strong breeze. Once the vehicle was located, divers entered the water and – determining that the vehicle had overturned after locating a wheel by touch – stayed on the target while waiting for a tow truck to arrive. As they waited ice crystals in the lake water clinked on the shore and heavy winds whipped so fiercely that at times glimpses of the tire would be revealed between the peaks of small waves on the water’s surface.    

No contraband or significant items were found in the vehicle.

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