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State releases road fund numbers

Brushy Creek and Airport Roads to be resurfaced

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

Fiscal court moved to accept rural and secondary road fund recommendations from the transportation cabinet on Monday night. Those recommendations – which include a slight boost to total funding over last year, but a slight dip in county flex funds – allocated $1,596,835 for fiscal year 2022-23. When added to undistributed funds of $112,158 from FY 21-22, this makes the total funds available $1,708,993.

About ten percent of those total funds, $159,684, will be allocated to county flex funds. The county can use these funds in any way they like for county roads, with the funds usually distributed equally among districts.

Another $878,300 is earmarked for “tentative maintenance and traffic,” leaving $826,818 for projects and $667,134 for rural secondary projects.

The state transportation cabinet’s recommendations for improvements to state roads this funding cycle include the asphalt resurfacing of portions of Brush Creek Road, also known as KY 396, and of Airport Road, or KY 986.

KY 396, Brush Creek Road, will be resurfaced from the intersection with KY 2 to KY 474, at a total estimated cost of $325,000.

The resurfacing on Airport Road will begin at the Carter and Elliott County line, and extend back toward Route 7, resurfacing all but the last leg of the road at an estimated cost of $365,000.

While the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet would like to finish that last stretch as well, KTC’s Brandon Howell said it just isn’t in the budget this year, but they will return to it next funding cycle.

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