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Judge Executive contest will feature Burton and Howard

Booker to face Paul in Senate race

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

The primary numbers are in, and it looks like Carter County Republicans chose Brandon Burton as their candidate for judge executive, while the Democrats will run Dustin Howard in the general election. Burton received 42.95% of his party’s vote, with 944 votes, while Howard received 40.22% and 695 votes.

Burton beat out Vic Adams with 655 votes and Brad Brammell with 599.

On the Democratic side Howard’s closest rival was former judge Charles Wallace, with 656 votes, followed by Bobby Hall with 319 and Chester Highley with 58.

In the Republican jailer primary, incumbent jailer R.W. Boggs won his bid for re-election with 43.77% of his parties votes, a total of 983. Boggs will face Democratic challenger Charles Kiser in the general election.

In magistrate races, District one will see Democrat Hunter Chase Buck face off against incumbent Chris Huddle. The Republican winner faced a close race Jeffery Flaugher, coming out just three votes ahead, 240 to 237.

In District two, incumbent Morris Shearer will face Republican challenger Derrick McKinney. McKinney, a former Grayson city councilman who left council after moving outside city limits, took 72.64% of his party’s vote.

In District three it will be incumbent Jack Steele facing Republican challenger Millard Cordle, with both running unopposed in their party primaries.

Over in District four Danny Joe Holbrook, with 75.93% of the vote, will face off against former magistrate Clifford “Sodbuster” Roe. Roe, who ran for judge executive in the previous election, beat incumbent Donnie Oppenheimer by one vote, 169 to 168. Though Oppenheimer was the incumbent, Roe had served in the role under the previous administration of Charles Wallace, and the race was not a given.

In District five Harley Rayburn is the presumptive winner, taking his party’s primary and facing no Democratic challengers. It was a close race in the district, with Rayburn taking 33.94% and 188 votes to Robert “Sleepy” Porter’s 143, Bill Stevens 107, and David Jesse’s 116. Incumbent magistrate Brandon Burton chose not to run for his party’s nomination this time, focusing on the judge executive seat instead.

In the Fourth District constable race it’s Jhan Jarrell over Billy Dan Dailey, 195 to 120.

In federal races, Booker will be the county’s Democratic choice for U.S. Senate, winning 55% and 58.85% of the local vote in Carter’s two districts. If the rest of the state votes the same way Carter County did, he’ll face off against Paul with 89.08% of the vote in the Fourth District and 84.3% of his party’s vote in the Fifth.

In House District 4 and District 5, Carter county Republicans showed their support for Thomas Massie and Hal Rogers earning 177 votes, for 62.99% and 1,484 for 80.87%, respectively.

These numbers were the official local counts after polls closed last night. They do not reflect state-wide voter choices in these federal elections.

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