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Where do my tax dollars go?

Sheriff releases property tax numbers

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

Carter County Sheriff Jeff May released property tax numbers for 2021 to the fiscal court on Monday evening, showing that the county brought in just under $1 million – $963,679.93 – with the largest portion, $604,893.48, coming from real estate. Franchise taxes, in the form of franchise bank deposits, totaling $99,803.87, and franchise tangibles, $162,363.45, made up the next two largest income sources. A tiny portion, $1,286.85, came from the county’s mineral resources in the form of limestone, sand, gravel, and clay.

These weren’t the final numbers though.

While the county’s total share of property taxes charged came to just under the million dollar mark, after credits of $36,745.96 the total tax due for the county was $926,933.97 – which was reduced to a net due of $883,888.82 after commissions and refunds.

Compared with the county, the total charges for the school district came to $5,312,831.70, adjusted to a total tax due of $5,093,912.08 and a net due of $4,871,526.17.

For the health department, the total charges were $662,848.64, with a net due of $605,699.37.

The ambulance service had total charges of $1,104,515.48, with a net due of $1,011,975.35. The extension agency had total charges of $514,566.80, and a net due of $470,395.01. And forestry had total charges of $4,125.82 and a net due of $3,782.27.

“Everything pretty much balanced out,” May said, noting that the differences between the net due and the previously submitted payments didn’t amount to more than a few cents of difference. The largest difference was for the school district, where the balance due the district of the sheriff totals 46 cents.

Judge executive Mike Malone noted while many folks complain about their taxes, and wonder why roads aren’t fixed with the money they pay, this breakdown shows how much of the property tax funds paid go back to fiscal court for use on roads and other county funded projects. 

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