Budgets, boards, grass and trailers: Olive Hill takes action on Code Enforcement Board and 2020 budget

 Among the next steps for the City of Olive Hill will be creating a new code enforcement board, and approving a 2020-2021 budget. Council took action last Tuesday to repeal … Read More

Loud and ugly: BLM rally draws armed protests and racist hecklers

 There was no NFAC militia. There were no Bloods nor Crips. No New Black Panthers. What Grayson did see on Sunday, however, were a whole lot of white faces with … Read More

Board moves school start date back: Teachers will start August 11, students August 26

The Carter County School Board met in special session on Friday with one item on the agenda, the start date for classes in Carter County. The board voted unanimously to … Read More

On with the show!

 Audra Foltz (left) and Angela Messer Fultz (right) practice for the annual On With The Show event at the Olive Hill Historical Society. On With the Show will be on … Read More

As we see it: Confronting our sins

One of the most often repeated claims in the lead-up to last Sunday’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally was that it wasn’t needed in Grayson. People pointed out that Carter … Read More

Uncle Jack Fultz’s Memories of Carter County: Vintage ads give us view of the past

One thing is a constant in the news business, and that is that advertising is our life blood. Without it, the business can’t survive.  Enjoy these vintage ads, circa 1918, … Read More

H.E.L.P. – Health Equipment Loan Program helps fill the gap

Jean Adams understands illness. She was formally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system, when she was 54-years-old. But, she noted, she’s “always been … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Nostalgia remastered

Cult Classic Chex Quest video game back in HD Back in 1996 I was 21-years-old. I made a lot of questionable decisions that year. It’s the privilege of youth, to … Read More

Pet of the Week 7/29/20

Sampson is a senior male cross breed. He’s a laid back, 70 pound love bug! Sampson is already neutered and has a reduced adoption fee of $25. Stop by the … Read More

Handle with care: Guns are dangerous tools, treat them with respect

Let me start this right off the bat by saying, I support the Second Amendment. I have been hunting and shooting for nearly 40 of my 45 years on this … Read More

Why is no one talking about my great idea for promoting Grayson?

It started about three years ago when I published an editorial about my brainstorm in the now-defunct Journal-Times weekly newspaper.  You may recall that paper was owned by an outfit … Read More

Keeping kids COVID safe: Carter Childcare and Early Learning Center takes steps to sanitize and separate

Small children might be among the hardest groups to keep safe from COVID-19, especially when you get them together in groups. They touch their faces. They put things in their … Read More

Black Lives Matter rally scheduled for Sunday: Counter-protest planned over social media

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally scheduled for Sunday in the City of Grayson has some on social media concerned about violence, looting, and rioting. Supporters of the rally, however, … Read More

We must remember that acts of kindness never go out of style

As we absorb our daily doses of man’s inhumanity to man on TV newscasts, it is heartening to know that acts of human kindness still happen daily. We should be … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Gone Home, but in space

Fullbright Company’s exploration adventure game, Tacoma, free this week When I taught a game documentation class as an adjunct at Shawnee State, one of the things I tried to get … Read More

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