As we see it: Thank you, readers

We’ve been publishing the Carter County Times for just over four months now, with this issue marking the 19th edition of your source for local news. We’ve come a long … Read More

No question about it, money really is the mother’s milk of politics

The late Jesse Unruh, a legendary California politician, coined that phrase in 1966 and it has proven to be more prophetic in each election cycle, including last year’s governor’s race … Read More

Local eats

I left Kentucky in my late 20s and stayed away until after I turned 40, living and working in major metropolitan areas for the better part of 13 years. It’s … Read More

As we see it: Adopt don’t shop

One of our favorite things each week is looking at the photos of the new pet of the week. Seeing those adorable faces, and knowing that we might play a … Read More

What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love and understanding?

There’s an Elvis Costello song that’s been on my mind recently. It’s the piece that shares it’s title with this column this week.  In 1979, when Costello released the song, … Read More

Our family and friends will be there at the end

I had the somewhat unusual task of trying to help a funeral home gather personal information on a person who died but apparently had no close friends or relatives nearby.  … Read More

As we see it: COVID and Conspiracies

In the days since the President, First Lady and several White House staff were diagnosed with COVID-19 a number of conspiracy theories have begun to pop up across the internet, … Read More

Saying what you mean and meaning what you say can be funny

To those individuals who still believe that plain talk is the easiest to understand, I dedicate these true stories. ———–  I was in line at a college faculty retirement reception. … Read More

Dream a little dream

Years ago I was talking to some friends about the dreams our pets have. Sometimes the pet parents, especially the dog owners, thought they could guess what their pets were … Read More

As we see it: Coaching Character

Last Friday in Grayson, some things happened that should have left all of us examining our feelings about sportsmanship, fair play, and appropriate boundaries.  The game between the East Carter … Read More

Be still my heart! The Markle Sparkle has returned to the USA

Like many of her other TV fans, I was heartbroken in 2018 when Meghan Markle walked out on our seven-year relationship to move to England to marry some red-haired foreigner … Read More

Attacking attack ads

It’s that time of year again. You can’t turn on the television, or even stream television through online services, without seeing political ads – and the worst of those are … Read More

Letter to the Editor 9/30/30

To the editors of the Carter County Times, My name is Justin Prince and I teach the Mass Communications program at Tolsia High School. I am writing to you in … Read More

As we see it: Consistency is a dirty word in Washington

When Justice Antonin Scalia passed away in February of 2016, then President Barack Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill his seat. Though Obama was a lame duck president, in … Read More

Unsung heroes are all around us, even at the beach

We’ve seen and heard much during the pandemic about heroes and they deserve the accolades. But today I am sharing the heroic story of a day at the beach on … Read More

Could I be turning into a… sports fan?

I have a little confession to make. It’s one of those things that will often make other men look at you askance; like you have a giant nose hair that … Read More

As we see it: Kids, Criminals and Culture Wars

There’s a new battlefield in America’s culture wars; Netflix. The popular streaming service is taking a lot of heat recently for the American release of a French film, Mignonnes. You’ve … Read More

Shouldn’t driver test administrators get hazardous duty pay?

One of our cute granddaughters called recently with a very important request from a teenager’s perspective. She was facing her 17th birthday without a driver’s license.  She asked to borrow … Read More

Tell me your ghost stories

Does your family have any good ghost stories? Tales of spectral black cats, phantom boys in snow suits, angels and demons, and strange lights in the sky abound in my … Read More

As we see it: Please choose kindness

Two things happened last week that greatly impacted us here at the Carter County Times.  The first was the celebration of life event for Vincent Osborne-Brown. Nothing tugs at the … Read More

Could old food in the refrigerator really be part of a conspiracy?

In these times of scary or silly or sad conspiracy theories, I find myself searching for information on the LOC movement.  Outside of my immediate family, I haven’t heard anyone … Read More

Everything old is new again

If you’ve been paying attention to our Lifestyles page, you may have noticed that I’ve been doing a weekly column on video games. This week you may notice that in … Read More

As they see it: Can you help HELP

We recently featured the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP) in an article. We were impressed with the mission that Jean and Eddie Adams and their neighbors have taken on. When … Read More

Militia, are you ready for a vital new mission on the home front?

Today’s message is directed to those guys (and a few gals) who like to dress up in military camouflage and carry their loaded assault rifles in public as they try … Read More

Leveling up

Leaving fiscal court the other day, I had a thought. A bit of an epiphany, if you will, in the silliest sense of the term. What I realized is that, … Read More

As we see it: Voting is your right, exercise it

Campaign season is upon us. The Democratic National Convention is going on this week, and the Republican National Convention starts next week. We already know who the presumed nominees are … Read More

75 years later, World War II vets reliving their lifesaving missions

The tall man with the foreign accent stood at the microphone in the memorial garden at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. He was the guest speaker for the … Read More

Taking baby steps

When something is progressing slowly, but steadily, we describe it as “taking baby steps.” Sometimes when we use this term, we are describing something that is moving more slowly than … Read More

As we see it: We need better internet, now

Carter County public schools announced this week that, based on recommendations from Governor Andy Beshear, the first month of school will be done completely online. For families that don’t have … Read More

A new yet old plan of taking stock of how we should be living

As a lifelong fan of the late country and western singer Marty Robbins, I often listen to his music. After a recent session, I found myself humming a gospel song … Read More

Look out for your neighbors

There is little that makes me madder than a thief. You work hard for the things you own; whether they are things you need for work or home maintenance, like … Read More

As we see it: Making hard decisions

It’s not always easy to change your mind once you’ve made a decision. Forget the logistics involved in making a late change. Forget the people who get upset because they’ve … Read More

We must preserve the historic, worldwide newspaper of our troops

By the time you read this, “Stars and Stripes” will either be charging ahead with news for America’s military service members worldwide or heading toward bankruptcy.  Stars and Stripes first … Read More

An incurable coffee snob

So, I like coffee, a lot. I’m sure you like your morning cup of joe, too. Most of us do. But coffee is a bit of an obsession with me. … Read More

Why is no one talking about my great idea for promoting Grayson?

It started about three years ago when I published an editorial about my brainstorm in the now-defunct Journal-Times weekly newspaper.  You may recall that paper was owned by an outfit … Read More

As we see it: Confronting our sins

One of the most often repeated claims in the lead-up to last Sunday’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally was that it wasn’t needed in Grayson. People pointed out that Carter … Read More

Handle with care: Guns are dangerous tools, treat them with respect

Let me start this right off the bat by saying, I support the Second Amendment. I have been hunting and shooting for nearly 40 of my 45 years on this … Read More

As we see it: Support your community, shop local

Back to school season will soon be upon us. That means school shopping and back to school sales. Whether you choose to send your kids back to school in a … Read More

Why is it impossible to outrun the hounds in our lives?

For years, I have resented the intrusion of telemarketers into our daily lives, constantly calling at all hours, trying to sell us stuff we don’t want or need. And I’ll … Read More

Fatherhood after 40

Let’s be honest and open here – at 44, almost 45, I’m a bit long in the tooth to be the father of a toddler. But, here we are. I … Read More

We old soldiers should be proud of our service

I put a new sticker on the rear windshield of my almost new car. It shows the U.S. Army logo over these words:  “Soldier For Life”.  To me, it says … Read More

Living in the future

When I was a kid I had this series of books about what life would be like in “the future.” While not all of it has come to pass, so … Read More

As we see it: Saying “No” to tobacco

Last year the Kentucky legislature passed HB 11, a “statewide Tobacco Free School bill.” This year the Carter County public school system will be taking steps to comply with that … Read More

Op-Ed: How sportsmen and women continue to set an example in the age of social distancing

By: Senator Robin L. Webb FRANKFORT — The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in many changes to which we must all adjust. Phrases like “self-quarantine” and “social distancing,” rarely used or completely … Read More

As We See It: Primary voter turnout something to crow about

If you listened only to national news outlets, or outspoken celebrities on Twitter, you might have thought Kentucky was doing everything possible to restrict voter access to the polls this … Read More

Striking a blow for grandparents and other old folks everywhere

Like many of you, I’ve been hearing about clever telephone scams victimizing senior citizens by taking thousands of dollars from them through a variety of fictitious scenarios. Admittedly, I have … Read More

Stepping outside the comfort zone

There are lots of things I’m not very good at. Usually that’s ok. I either muddle on through, and call it good enough, or I get someone who is good … Read More

After 40+ years of home grilling, the cruel truth comes out

By: Keith KappesColumnistCarter County Times Are fathers supposed to get their feelings hurt on Father’s Day? Well, it happened to me again this year. I waited patiently for any of … Read More

To wear or not to wear, that is the question

Beginning July 1, Governor Andy Beshear and the state of Kentucky are allowing gatherings of fewer than 50 people. Local city and county government entities are already planning on getting … Read More

Go, Go Gadget Dad

By: Jeremy D. WellsCarter County Times I’ve got a confession to make, I’m an obsessive gadget guy. It’s the kind of thing that drives my partner batty in some ways. … Read More

Why a print newspaper?

By: Jeremy D. WellsEditorCarter County Times That’s a question my partner and I have asked ourselves repeatedly since we started this whole endeavor. We’re already raising a toddler, a full … Read More

God loves all the little children

“All Lives Matter,” chanted KCU student Dee Garrett while leading a peaceful rally against racial prejudice and police brutality in Grayson over the past two weekends, “but black lives are … Read More

Fuss over Army facility names recalls the legend of Fort Riley, Kansas

By: Keith KappesColumnistCarter County Times Folks are cussing and fussing about the possibility of the U. S. Army changing the names of 10 of its installations within the United States … Read More

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