AS WE SEE IT: Letting the sunshine in

Sunshine laws are one of the cornerstones of a properly functioning democracy. In addition to requiring government meetings to be open to the public, and limiting the number of elected … Read More

How did English poet Alexander Pope know about the Cincinnati Reds?

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” When Pope wrote that sentence in 1732 as part of his “Essay on Man”, he obviously didn’t know that diehard fans of the … Read More

Can we give women pockets, already?!?

Last week, while delivering papers and listening to the morning news programming on Morehead Public Radio, I heard a piece about a young girl who wrote to Old Navy about … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: End of the line

After a long, troubling year this spring feels like more than your typical season of rebirth. The ability to get outside again, the blossoms, and the budding green leaves are … Read More

Realities of life commonplace in country music

We’ve been warned for years that some rock music, if played backward, would bring forth a dangerous, even devilish, message. On the other hand, some folks say they believe that … Read More

Lending a hand

It feels like there is a theme to this week’s paper. It wasn’t intentional. It just sort of happened. One of those things that the more esoteric minded will call … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: County should support paid firefighters in city departments

Two weeks ago Jeremy Rodgers, from the Olive Hill Fire Department, and Kyle Morgan, with the Grayson Fire Department, went before the Carter County Fiscal Court to ask those courts … Read More

Some youthful habits can last a lifetime

Folks usually react with a quizzical look when I tell them my lifelong fascination with old movies began when my brother left home for the Navy. Dave and I shared … Read More

Turkeys, toddlers, and the great outdoors

Spring is not my favorite season. That’s reserved for fall, with the changing of the leaves, the final harvest of a summer’s worth of work, pawpaws, squirrel and turkey season, … Read More

Editorial: Frankfort’s assault on the Constitution and transparency

By: Jon Fleischaker and Michael Abate Although it was only a “short” session, this year’s iteration of the Kentucky General Assembly was an unprecedented assault on transparency and the constitutional … Read More

My feisty little grandmother was a great fundraiser

I’ve been a fund raiser for nearly 50 years but the best fundraising idea came from my dear late grandmother, Minnie, who lived to be 100. Her simple yet brilliant … Read More

Another spring, another chance to trace circuits

In the fall of 2019 we had a robot lawn mower put in and the thing is amazing. He runs continuously. When he’s low on power he returns to his … Read More

Letter to the Editor: 3/24/21

Ruth Haney of Haney’s Jewelry would like to thank everyone who remembered the 60th anniversary of her shop and helped her celebrate. The calls, cards, and well wishes were greatly … Read More

Lola Ramona Sparks Scaggs

1935-2021 Lola Ramona Sparks Scaggs passed away Friday, March 19, 2021, at the Community Hospice Center in Ashland, Kentucky. She was born November 1, 1935, in Lewis County, Kentucky, a … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Good apples

Last fall, Black Lives Matter protesters from Louisville visited Olive Hill at the prompting of former KCU student and activist Dee Garrett. Garrett cited an internet article calling Olive Hill … Read More

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