Minnows, memories, and magic

We have some huge minnows in the little hole next to our driveway tile.  There are also almost always crumbs of some sort in the toddler’s car seat. So, when … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Remembering 9/11

An editorial is supposed to be the view of the paper, and the entire editorial board. It is not supposed to be the view, memories or opinion of one single … Read More

Mouths of babes can speak profound words

Sometimes we adults overthink the challenge of explaining to children what we believe are complicated ideas or concepts. We tend to forget that, in most cases, a child’s mind has … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Stop politicizing the virus

One of the few blessings of the COVID-19 virus, when it first hit, was that it didn’t seem to impact our children. Adults were getting severely ill. They were going … Read More

“Who says you’re an author?” started an unending journey

The first person to ask me that question did so a few years ago when I proposed to publish a book with a collection of my best newspaper columns. The … Read More

Slowing down and snapping beans

It has been a terribly busy month so far. The past week, however, has been an especially busy week.  Not just professionally, but in our family and home lives, we’ve … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Time to pay the piper

In the late 90s, just as Purdue Pharma was really starting to push their new prescription opioid Oxycontin, the drug had already taken hold in the rural mining communities that … Read More

Realities of life often revealed in country music

We’ve been warned for years that some rock music, if played backward, would bring forth a dangerous, even devilish message. On the other hand, some folks say they believe that … Read More

REAL ID roll out expected to be an obstacle for rural Kentuckians

During the 2020 Regular Session, the Kentucky General Assembly passed House Bill 453. The bill ultimately made the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet the sole issuance entity for REAL IDs, licenses, and … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Make meetings more public

On Thursday morning our editor had two meetings scheduled at 9 a.m. One was a Kiwanis meeting, the other a park board meeting. Both were important, but he had to … Read More

‘Afghanistanism’ went from old study topic to U. S. war disaster

It was nearly 60 years ago that I first heard someone use the term “Afghanistanism”. Dr. Lamar Bridges was teaching editorial writing at Marshall University, and I was trying to … Read More

Local labor saves the day

We try to shop local as much as possible. I’ll tell anyone who listens that Tony James, down at James Do-It-Best Hardware, is one of the big reasons I fell … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Facts shouldn’t be political

Not everything needs to be politicized. Some things are a matter of fact, and opinions don’t matter.  The sky is blue, no matter your opinion on that particular color. Water … Read More

Civilian workers of other nations endangered in Afghanistan pullout

For at least the third time in the last 50 years, the United States is ending its participation in a war without a clear victory…and leaving behind countless numbers of … Read More

Don’t you know…

I saw something the other day that said the Perseid meteor shower is ramping up in the coming days, but there is some good viewing now too. So, on Monday … Read More

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