Finally, a new example of the advantages of growing old

After more than 300 days of self-quarantine, my wife and I emerged from our home exile last week to learn that being in our 70’s had put us on the … Read More

Wiley Coyotes

The other night my sleep was disturbed by the ferocious barking of the outside dog we got when we purchased our new home. I went to fuss at her to … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: A Nation of Laws

Last Wednesday in Washington D.C. we all watched – most of us shocked – as a crowd of protesters stormed the Capitol building, disrupting the certification of electoral college votes. … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Live and let live

Last week a Wisconsin pharmacist was charged with intentionally destroying 57 vials of a COVID-19 vaccine by removing them from refrigeration and letting them sit at room temperature in excess … Read More

Perhaps you should ignore advice about cheering up in bad times

It was just last month ago in this space that I cheerfully (and hopefully) wrote about my quest to sell the manuscript of my novel to a major publishing house, … Read More

Hindsight is 2020

There is an old saying that hindsight is 20/20. If you aren’t familiar with the phrase, what it means is in looking back on events that have already passed you … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: If you drink this holiday, please don’t drive

For the past several weeks we’ve been running ads from the Grayson ABC office about the dangers of drinking and driving. With New Years Eve coming up, we’d like to … Read More

How different will our world be when the pandemic goes away?

At the risk of being accused of pretending to be a forecaster or prognosticator, I’m ready to make some predictions based on my nine-plus months of watching, reading about, and … Read More

Jack of all trades, master of none

There’s something to be said for being a generalist.  In the plant and animal kingdoms it’s the specialists who suffer when an ecosystem is out of balance. They may thrive … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Dueling over oaths

The cities of Olive Hill and Grayson both swore in their city councilpersons in the last week, both using some anachronistic language that can be a bit jarring when you … Read More

Could we use public funds to finance political campaigns?

Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent in last month’s presidential election. About $150 million is expected to be spent in the special election on Jan. 5 to fill two … Read More

Oh yeah! The OUYA!

I’m a bit of a geek for gadgets. Specifically anything computer or game console related. I love them. Sometimes the fun for me isn’t even in playing games on them … Read More

Not all well-intentioned Christmas giving will go to the most deserving

Some of you won’t like my commentary today because it definitely is not in the loving tone of a traditional Christmas message. In fact, you might classify it as a … Read More

Oh, deer!

Somehow, I’ve been driving for 29 years and had never really hit a deer – until last Tuesday night.  I’ve had deer hit me. I once had a doe run … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Last minute Christmas tasks

Fruitcake can be a bit divisive. For some it’s barely edible. For others it’s an indelible and necessary part of the Christmas holiday season. If you’re one of the latter, … Read More

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