AS WE SEE IT: Thank you to road crews

Carter County’s roads are in bad repair.  We know that just as well as anyone else in the county. We know because we’re out there driving on them. We’re driving … Read More

What a year!

For those keeping track, this is our 53rd issue of the Carter County Times. We’ve officially been in publication for one year! It’s been a long, hard journey to get … Read More

Big in New Zealand

Most of you probably don’t know this, but there is another journalist named Jeremy Wells, right around my age, from New Zealand. He had the kind of career trajectory I … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Saying no to hate

There isn’t much the left and right wings of political ideology can agree on. The further you get out into the fringes of those ideologies, the less they have to … Read More

The case of the mysterious barrel of whiskey

The opening of the railroad museum in Morehead reminded Janis C. Ellis of a great railroad story she heard long ago from her father. She shared the story with me.  … Read More

Letter to the Editor 6/9/21

I want to give a heart felt thanks Grahn Fire Dept and Bob and Eli for helping me in my time of need when my “heart dog” fell off a … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Of pools and paychecks

Olive Hill mayor Jerry Callihan said the city may not be able to open their pool, or the attached splash pad, this year because they can’t find lifeguards. Greenbo Lake … Read More

75 years later, World War II vets reliving their lifesaving missions

The tall man with the foreign accent stood at the microphone in the memorial garden at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. He was the guest speaker for the … Read More

Mushrooms on my mind

These cold snaps have me worried. Not about my garden – I’ve learned my lesson on that one long ago and I still have most of my plants in containers … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Everywhere is someone’s backyard

When citizens of Olive Hill came to city council last week with concerns that the possible relocation of the fire department to their neighborhood would result in noise disturbances, fire … Read More

Great song, seashore perfect for post-pandemic mind reset

By the time you read this commentary, I hope to be basking in the sun on the beach or poolside as co-host of my family’s 11th annual trip to North … Read More

More than three and way too many

You’ve probably heard the old wives’ tale that deaths come in threes. It’s not the only superstition out there about that most uncomfortable of subjects. But while other customs and … Read More

AS WE SEE IT: Transparency and good governance

Kentucky’s open meetings and open records laws ensure that every Kentuckian is entitled to know what action their local government is taking and how those actions will impact them, their … Read More

It was absolutely the worst job I ever loved

Most folks gave me strange looks when I used that phrase to describe how I felt about being a community newspaper publisher.  The actual journalism tasks, even on a stressful … Read More

Telling tales

Sometimes my brain works in funny ways. It’s like a free association free-for-all, and a morning that starts with making an omelet for the toddler and changing his wet diaper … Read More

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