Slowing down: Fiscal court has first reading of speed limit ordinance

 If you’re used to driving 55 miles per hour on county roads, you might want to start slowing down. Fiscal court had their first reading of a new ordinance on … Read More

Preserving the past: Malone discusses doughboy statue

 Vol  Carter County Judge Executive Mike Malone had a special project on the agenda of fiscal court’s special session last Wednesday; repairs to the courthouse doughboy. Malone asked the court … Read More

What should county taxes cover?

Grayson mayor believes it should be more  Grayson Mayor George Steele has been chaffing at what he has called “double taxation” of city residents by the county for some time. … Read More

Guns in the city: Olive Hill has first reading of firearms ordinance

 The city of Olive Hill held the first reading of an ordinance that would prohibit the discharge of firearms within city limits, except under certain situations. The ordinance, if passed, … Read More

Ethics and annexation: Grayson changes definition of family for nepotism rule

 Changes to the Grayson code of ethics ordinance were approved at the last regular meeting of city council, paving the way for acting chief of police Travis Steele, the son … Read More

Cable woes: Residents voice complaints about Suddenlink

 What was meant to be a public hearing on Suddenlink’s cable television franchise in the city of Grayson turned into an airing of grievances that encompassed not only the company’s … Read More

Heading up Hog Branch: Property owner registers complaint about gate on county road

County roads aren’t allowed to be gated. Even those who gate private roads, on private land, have to provide access to cemeteries on the other side of those gates, or … Read More

Roads & Taxes: Fiscal court approves tax rates

Carter county fiscal court met in special session last Thursday to discuss employee issues, discuss road equipment, and approve property tax rates in the county.  The only property tax rates … Read More

Expanding the city: Olive Hill passes ordinances in special sessions

 After canceling their regular August meeting, the city of Olive Hill held two special meetings. The first to approve items on the original meeting agenda, and the second to approve … Read More

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