Extension notes: Help your garden weather a heatwave

If you think you’re hot, ask your plants (not literally). They can suffer under high summer heat, too.  Most vegetables and native plants can withstand a periodic heatwave, but once … Read More

Extension Notes: Protect yourself from ticks

Kentucky is an ideal environment for ticks as we have forests, humidity and a large deer population. It is important to take precautions to prevent tick bites, especially if you … Read More

Extension Notes: Simple strategies to control mosquitoes

All mosquitos need standing water to develop through their larval stages, and that doesn’t necessarily mean a lake or pond. It also includes bird baths, kiddie pools and even discarded … Read More

Support your local farmers market

In July, “From the Woods Today” is going to explore oak ailments, bird feeder disease, mushrooms and much more. The University of Kentucky Forestry and Natural Resources Extension’s weekly webcast is a spinoff from the original radio program, “From the Woods KY” that recently won the Gold Award for Podcast or Radio Program from the Association of Natural Resources Extension Professionals. The webcast offers relevant and interesting information about woodlands and wildlife each Wednesday at 11 a.m. EDT.

Extension Notes: Integrated pest management in the home garden

If you’re a gardener, at one time or another, you’ve had pest problems. Insects or animals decide your plants are the best place to dine and reproduce. What’s a gardener … Read More

Extension notes: Recycle that garden waste

A little miracle happens when you compost garden waste. In a few months you get rich, crumbly, beautiful organic material filled with microbial life that will improve your soil and … Read More

Extension Notes: Senior Farmer’s Market vouchers to be distributed June 22

Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program vouchers will be distributed at the Northeast Community Action Agencies on Tuesday, June 22nd. Vouchers will be available in Olive Hill from 8:30 AM -12:30 … Read More

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