Extension Notes: Don’t give firewood insects a winter home

Each time you bring a load of firewood inside this winter, you could be opening the door for wood-infesting insects to make your home their home. Most insects brought into … Read More

Extension Notes: Winter water reminders for livestock

As temperatures get colder, most producers begin to focus their attention on getting stored forages to their animals. It’s also a good time to remember available water for livestock in … Read More

Extension Notes: Order apple and pear rootstock now from the extension office

Most fruit trees that can be grown in Kentucky do not come true from seed. For example, a tree grown from a Golden Delicious apple seed will produce an apple … Read More

Extension Notes: Mistletoe – From tree thief to holiday tradition

Once autumn leaves have fallen, mistletoe becomes highly visible on large trees throughout Kentucky. Phoradendron, the scientific name for this parasitic plant, means tree thief. These small, leafy plants are … Read More

Extension Notes: Bring your garden inside

If the thought of facing a long winter without straight-from-the-garden freshness makes you sad, weep no more. It’s easy as tomato pie to grow your own produce indoors. There are … Read More

Extension Notes: Gifts that brighten the dreariest day

Some of the most popular presents during this season of gifting and receiving are blooming houseplants. Not only are they economical, but they promise to brighten a dreary winter day. … Read More

Extension Notes: Overwinter dahlia tubers with care

Dahlias, with their lush, vivid blossoms, are a garden favorite and often take front and center at county and state fair competitions. Unfortunately, they are semi-tropical plants and will not … Read More

Extension Notes: Ways to deter black vultures

Black vultures are native to Kentucky. As a result, they are present here year-round, but you may be seeing more of them now for a few reasons. Their overall populations … Read More

Extension Notes: Order beef cattle minerals now

The Northeast Area Livestock Association is taking orders for the winter group mineral order. Hinton Mills won the bid and will be providing two minerals to choose from. Spring calving … Read More

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