Extension notes: Ways to prevent prussic acid poisoning in livestock

Each fall, prussic acid poisoning is a real concern for Kentucky livestock producers, especially those who grow and graze their animals on sorghum-based forages like forage sorghum, sorghum-sudangrass, sudangrass and … Read More

Extension Notes: Mums make the fall garden pop with color

This is the time of year when farm stores and garden centers tempt us with big and little pots of fall mums, drawing our eyes to their bright yellow, gold … Read More

Extension Notes: Time-lapse videos help producers see impact of proper pasture management

Fall is a good time to renovate cool-season pastures and plan for the future of your pasture management program. If you have ever wondered how forage specialists develop their recommendations … Read More

Family traditions: Farm supply keeps Rayburn family connected to their roots

 Running a farm store wasn’t necessarily what Jennifer Owens or her brother, Roger Rayburn, planned on doing. But when the opportunity to purchase Globe Farm Supply presented itself earlier this … Read More

Hay Testing Available

It is time for hay testing! Producers are invited to contact the Extension Office at 474-6686 to schedule a time to have hay samples collected. The deadline for sampling is … Read More

Extension Notes: Tips to pest proof your home for winter

We are not the only creatures that retreat indoors when the temperatures begin to drop. During this time of the year, many rodents and insects will start entering homes looking … Read More

UK to host regional fencing schools this fall

By: Katie Prattfor Carter County Times Princeton, Ky., – The University of Kentucky will host two regional fencing schools this fall to help livestock producers learn about the newest fencing … Read More

Extension Notes: Fall is a good time to plant trees and shrubs

Fall is one of the best times to plant trees and shrubs in your landscape. Fall planting provides the plant with the opportunity to put its energy into root growth … Read More

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