Weaving a better life: Carter County man hopes to preserve textile tradition

Anthony Carter tried his hands at several different programs with the Appalachian Artisan Center (AAC) before he discovered weaving. Sometimes life, and weaving, are like that, he explained, you make … Read More

Late to the Game(s): A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Star Wars Battlefront II this week’s free Epic Store game

There have been other Star Wars games that let you play from the point of view of the Sith. But if you’ve ever wondered about the duties and moral conflicts … Read More

Extension Notes: Don’t give firewood insects a winter home

Each time you bring a load of firewood inside this winter, you could be opening the door for wood-infesting insects to make your home their home. Most insects brought into … Read More

Pet of the Week: 1/13/21

Sam is a ten-month-old Australian shepherd mix. He’s a very friendly energetic boy. Sam’s $75 adoption fee includes rabies vaccination and being spayed. Stop by the Carter County Animal Shelter … Read More

Uncle Jack Fultz’s Memories of Carter County: No place like home

When I was in college at Shawnee State in Portsmouth, Ohio, and shortly afterward, there was a running joke that the area was a “black hole” that sucked everyone back … Read More

Comets win over Fairview: Team is 3 for 4 on the season

The West Carter Comets played their third game of a fast paced basketball season on Saturday, triumphing over the Fairview Eagles 54 to 47. It was the Comets second victory … Read More

The art of quilting: Appalachian Artisan Center announces call for artists

 There are few heirloom items more treasured than a good, quality quilt. A good quilt doesn’t just keep you warm in the winter chill – though they do that spectacularly … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Beyond Games – Humble Bundles offer digital variety

Back when the Humble Bundle site was first launched, they focused on games. Specifically, indie games, or games offered by developers working outside of the big studios and publishers. It … Read More

Extension Notes: Winter water reminders for livestock

As temperatures get colder, most producers begin to focus their attention on getting stored forages to their animals. It’s also a good time to remember available water for livestock in … Read More

Uncle Jack Fultz’s Memories of Carter County: Smoky Valley feuding

One of the more interesting aspects of old newspapers are the types of notices that would not grace the papers of today.  These include notices of visitations, both to communities … Read More

In the Shadow of War: A book excerpt from a new fiction project

By: Keith Kappesfor Carter County Times  (AUTHOR’S NOTE – Welcome to the first chapter of “In the Shadow of War”, a novel I wrote over the last three years. Some … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Digital disappointment

The downside of foregoing physical discs Over the holidays I read a review about an older game – Dragon’s Dogma – that I was sure was in my collection, but … Read More

Extension Notes: Order apple and pear rootstock now from the extension office

Most fruit trees that can be grown in Kentucky do not come true from seed. For example, a tree grown from a Golden Delicious apple seed will produce an apple … Read More

Uncle Jack Fultz’s Memories of Carter County: Continuing a long tradition – Thank you for allowing us to be your news source

The local news business has never been an easy, or especially profitable, endeavor. Those who publish papers don’t have any illusions about growing fat off their subscribers and advertisers. But … Read More

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