Late to the Game(s): Celebrating Sega’s 60th anniversary with free Sonic the Hedgehog

Some of our favorite video game companies of today have very interesting roots. Nintendo, for instance, started out as a manufacturer of playing cards. Sega, beloved by thousands of Gen … Read More

Late to the Games: Undersea Exploration with Abzu

If you’ve ever wanted to swim with whales, explore Atlantean style undersea ruins, or try your hand at hide and seek with a shark, this week’s free game on the … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Gaming on the tiny screen

As gamers, we spend a lot of time talking about the difference between one console and another. We complain about PlayStation exclusives and Xbox exclusives, or how Nintendo always does … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Kentucky Route Zero – Exploring the spaces (we think) we know

How many times have you played a video game set in a place that you know? Not a place that you’ve heard of or read about. Not a place that … Read More

Gallery news and updates: Video art tour set for September

By: Dan Clickfor Carter County Times The Grayson Gallery & Art Center, Inc. (GGAC) has been presenting virtual art shows on Facebook since March, 2020 due to the restrictions imposed … Read More

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