Late to the game(s): Free game day!

It’s free games time again!  Honestly, it’s free games time all the time if you do a little searching – and take advantage of services you might already be paying … Read More

Keeping the music alive

 The Rattlesnake Ridge Bluegrass Music Center has not held a single bluegrass show since the pandemic shut events down last year. It’s now been more than 13 months since they’ve … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Getting round to it – Picking up the best games of a generation, cheap

Sure, it’s getting nice and it’s warmer outside, and there are going to be other demands on your time. But there are still going to be plenty of chances for … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Let’s talk about emulators

I’ve mentioned emulators here before. They’ve come up when we’ve talked about mobile gaming, retro gaming, and my love of the OUYA micro-console. But what exactly is emulation?  Put simply, … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Why is Atari selling digital sneakers?

The weird word of cryptocurrency You may have seen reports of the Atari VCS, the new Atari “console” which runs a Linux based system for playing compatible PC games and … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Truth Seekers

Nick Frost outstanding in new Amazon vehicle Ghost hunters and other paranormal “documentary” series are a guilty pleasure of mine. I don’t take them seriously, and I can’t even articulate … Read More

Late to the Game(s): So late we’re early

Wandering into the Book of Travels The seeds of this column were planted long before the newspaper came about. I conceived of it, came up with the name, and bought … Read More

Call for artwork: Female artists only at the Grayson Gallery

By: Dan Clickfor Carter County Times Hello, my friends!  Let’s all plan to celebrate the eighth annual “Women in the Arts” LIVE and healthy this year! We had wonderful “virtual” … Read More

Late to the Game(s): You can’t go home again (Can you?) – Final Fantasy Remake as nostalgia cash-in and game preservation

Remakes and reboots are always a bit of a crap shoot. Sometimes they are fantastic. Sometimes, well… not so much. There really isn’t much to do but try them out … Read More

Late to the Game(s): All the retro adventure RPG love

It’s become a common trope in reviewing remakes, reboots, and retro themed games to call them “love letters” to a franchise or a gaming generation – almost to the point … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Beating Battletoads? Probably not.

The original Battletoads for NES was notoriously difficult. Released in 1991, the game didn’t make things easy for gamers, and there are those who to this day – myself among … Read More

Peace and Love in person: Grayson Gallery planning live show for February

 The Grayson Gallery and Art Center has been holding virtual shows for the past several months. This has included accepting art as usual and photographing it for the artist, as … Read More

Defying stereotypes and making art: Olive Hill native featured in Women of Appalachia Project exhibit

 The Women of Appalachia Project has been focusing on art produced by Appalachian women for 12 years now. The show, held at the Dairy Barn Art Center near Athens, Ohio, … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Revisiting an Oddworld

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! isn’t particularly new. It’s a seven-year-old (2014) remake of a 24-year-old (1997) game, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Abe’s Oddysee was a classic on the original PlayStation and … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Nintendo’s twisting road

Nintendo fans are a unique breed. That’s a good thing, I suppose, because Nintendo is a unique company. They’ve always done just fine following their own path.  Up through the … Read More

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