Peace and Love in person: Grayson Gallery planning live show for February

 The Grayson Gallery and Art Center has been holding virtual shows for the past several months. This has included accepting art as usual and photographing it for the artist, as … Read More

Discover the Gorge: Carter County native donates retirement gift to Laurel Gorge

By: Christy Lewisfor Carter County Times The Laurel Gorge Cultural Heritage Center has gotten off to a slow start for the new year due to a combination of cold weather … Read More

Defying stereotypes and making art: Olive Hill native featured in Women of Appalachia Project exhibit

 The Women of Appalachia Project has been focusing on art produced by Appalachian women for 12 years now. The show, held at the Dairy Barn Art Center near Athens, Ohio, … Read More

Extension Notes: Hard surfaces can help reduce mud

If you have been farming in Kentucky for any length of time, you know the winter weather can make your farm quite muddy. Feeding livestock during the winter or moving … Read More

Pet of the Week: 2/10/21

Ranger is a twelve-week-old male Great Pyrenees mix. He’s the sweetest little guy and needs a home to call his own. Ranger’s $75 adoption fee to an approved home includes … Read More

Uncle Jack Fultz’s Memories of Carter County: The death of Stella Kinney

Robert Frazier’s story didn’t seem to add up from the start. Though he had injuries of his own, cuts on and about his wrists and hands as well as evidence … Read More

Following the recipe: Hitchins Post brings curry to community

 Bob Patel just “puts together” the curry served on Fridays at the Hitchins Foodmart, aka the Hitchins Post. His wife is the cook, he clarifies.  “She even showed me how … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Revisiting an Oddworld

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! isn’t particularly new. It’s a seven-year-old (2014) remake of a 24-year-old (1997) game, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Abe’s Oddysee was a classic on the original PlayStation and … Read More

Late to the Game(s): Nintendo’s twisting road

Nintendo fans are a unique breed. That’s a good thing, I suppose, because Nintendo is a unique company. They’ve always done just fine following their own path.  Up through the … Read More

Extension Notes: Ways to improve hay quality

If you raise livestock, you know it is very important to feed your animals nutritious hay to keep them healthy. You can take many practical steps to improve your hay … Read More

Pet of the Week: 2/3/21

Hensley is a one-year-old male shepherd mix. He’s a sweet, lovable boy and would love a home to call his own. His $75 adoption fee to an approved family includes … Read More

Camil Adventures, Carter County outdoor recreation group, presents check

By: Camila Haneyfor Carter County Times Hi, I’m Camila Haney from CAMIL ADVENTURES recently retired from First National Bank, Grayson, after 48 years of service.  CAMIL ADVENTURES is an acronym … Read More

Uncle Jack Fultz’s Memories of Carter County: Improving the city a never-ending job

It seems you can hardly go to a city council or fiscal court meeting without seeing someone asking for improvements to their neighborhood or community. Fiscal court gets requests for … Read More

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