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 Board chooses new superintendent:  Dr. Paul Green is former Jackson Independent superintendent

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

 The Carter County Board of Education met in two special meetings on Monday evening, first to choose their new superintendent of schools and then to approve the contract for the new superintendent. 

The board came out of the first executive session to offer the position to Dr. Paul Green, who accepted their offer. 

After starting their second meeting, and immediately entering executive session, the board returned with a contract for Green to sign. 

The contract calls for Green to begin his employment on November 1 of this year, and runs through June 30, 2025. It also sets expectations for the number of workdays each year, 241 including all paid holidays, and the salary for the position. Green will be paid an annual salary of $150,000 with the possibility of annual review and increase “equal to the greatest percentage increase received by any certified employee on the district salary schedule.” 

The contract also states the board will offer renewal or notify Green of its intent not to review the contact within 90 days of the date permitted for renewal and lays out the duties and responsibilities expected of the new superintendent. It also includes a clause allowing the board to release him from the contract, with a 30 day notice, should he receive an opportunity for other employment. 

“Dr. Green has the experience, passion, and energy to continue the standard of excellence ingrained in Carter County Schools, and to lead the district to the next level,” board chair Lisa Ramey-Easterling read from a prepared statement following the contract signing. “His leadership skills will be key in providing our staff with the necessary support and resources needed to meet the ever-changing academic and social/emotional needs of our students. We anticipate he will be a great asset to Carter County Schools and our communities.” 

Ramey-Easterling and the board offered no comment beyond their prepared statement.

Green, however, said he was excited for the professional opportunities Carter County offered. 

“I’ve been a superintendent at Jackson Independent for the past three years,” Green said. “We’ve had a lot of success there. It’s been a great three years. (But) I’m at the point in my career, I’ve had four children, (and) my last one is a junior in high school this year, my wife is getting close to retirement age… and we were just thinking about, kind of, that last phase of career and what things I want to accomplish in my career. One of the things is, I knew how great the Carter County School District was. I knew about their history and high test scores and high achievement, and I just felt like it was – you know, you’re always looking for a fit. Where is the place that has a really good fit? And I just felt like this was a great fit for me. I decided to throw my hat in the ring, and I’m just very excited that the board felt like I was the quality candidate, and I’m glad they selected me for the position.”

Dr. Robert J. Bell will remain in the position of interim superintendent until Green formally takes over duties in November. 

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