Bridge project leads to water outage: Crews rupture line during relocation

Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

 Homes off of US 60, just west of Globe, experienced an unanticipated water outage last week as crews working on a bridge replacement project near Tygart Creek Elementary hit a water line while digging on Wednesday. 

Contractor crews were planning to relocate the water line as part of the bridge replacement project over Tygart Creek, but had to speed up that plan when they inadvertently ruptured the line. 

“The line was in the process of being relocated by contractors today when the break occurred,” Allen Blair with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 9, said in response to an email asking about the line break. “The moving of the water line is a part of the Tygart Creek bridge replacement project on US 60.” 

Residents in the area reported intermittent water service throughout the day, but service was eventually restored fully. 

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