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Cleaning up and more: Chamber plans for new events

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

The Olive Hill Chamber of Commerce are ready to get started on spring cleaning. Chamber president Lisa Messer-Conley told the members she would like to begin planning for regular Clean the Town cleanup events beginning in April. These types of events had a huge impact on the look of the town last year and the year before, she noted. 

The Chamber will also feature an Easter event in April, though it won’t actually take place until the weekend after Easter, at least this year. 

The new event, which will fill the seasonal void the chamber had for spring events, will take place on April 10 this year, at 1 p.m., with donated Easter toys and candies given away in a drive-up event at the Olive Hill Depot. 

The event, which is being taken on by the Chamber after another non-profit responsible for it in the past disbanded, is done in the memory of Chamber secretary Chelsa Hamilton’s mother, Carolyn Hamilton. 

“It’s usually a big event with inflatables, games, prizes, etcetera,” Hamilton said. “But, it’s scaled back with COVID this year to just a drive through event, like the Christmas drive through event the chamber did.” 

Next year, she said, she hopes to return to that larger event, with a sit-down Easter meal. 

The chamber also heard news on Pallotine Foundation Grant opportunities from Hamilton, and discussed possibly working with them to help Trail Town obtain grant funding for their proposed walking trail along Tygart Creek. Because the Pallotine Foundation grew out of a Catholic hospital program, many of their grants have a focus on healthcare, including preventative health measures like physical fitness programs. Trail Town members also discussed plans for boat ramps on Tygart and the impact of water gauges on monitoring creek levels for kayakers and other recreational uses. (See Getting on the water, in this edition.) 

Messer-Conley also welcomed new members, congratulated the Comets and Lady Comets on their 62nd District basketball victories, thanked those who participated in her mother’s birthday “drive-by” parade, and thanked the anonymous individual who nominated her for “Who’s Who.” 

The chamber also moved to sponsor WUGO coverage of the 16th Region basketball games and approve participation in WUGO spotlight coverage of chamber members, with those to be spotlighted each week chosen by draw from all paid chamber members. 

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