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County requests info from ice storm volunteers

Volunteer hours could reduce required FEMA match

By: Mike Malone
for Carter County Times

The storms that hit our area so hard in February and March of this year were some of the most destructive we have ever seen with damages approaching $10,000,000 to county property alone.

While FEMA may pay some of the costs, the amount the county will have to pay for our non-FEMA share is over $500,000. 

FEMA will allow us to count volunteer labor during those storms to reduce that $500,000 local share. 

If you helped clear a road, worked in a shelter, or delivered food, water, supplies, or aid to those stranded by storms, it counts. If you used a vehicle, chainsaw, tractor, or 4-wheeler to help with cleanup or deliveries, they are all eligible for credit which could help save the county matching funds FEMA requires. 

Without the match, those funds have to come from the county budget. 

The work you have already done meant so much and it can make a big difference again. If you helped us, count it. If you documented it in writing it may even be deductible for tax purposes.

Carter County citizens did so much to help it is quite possible we could offset the entire $500,000, local match. Otherwise, it will have to come from county funds, which are so badly needed for roads, law enforcement and emergency services. 

If you helped in any way please contact the judge executive’s office at cartercountyky@gmail.com, or call (606) 474-5366. 

All we need is what you did, how many hours, any other equipment used (vehicles, chainsaws, tractors, etc.) and your name and address. 

You stepped up to make a difference, do just a little more by making maximum use of your good deed. 

Again, thanks so much for all you did!



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