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EAS receives clean audit: Ambulance comes out ahead on upgrades

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

 The Carter County Emergency Ambulance Service received audit reports of their fiscal year 2018 and 2019 financial statements on Monday during their regular monthly meeting. 

“In short, you have a clean audit,” explained auditor John Clevenger, with Griffith, DeLaney, Hillman & Lett, CPAs. 

The board moved to accept Clevenger’s report before moving on to the director’s report. 

Executive director Rick Loperfido gave the board an update on year-to-date numbers, noting that they are behind on January’s numbers from the previous year and that the service is still “routinely answering several COVID calls each shift.” Crews also continue to wear protective gear and to sanitize after each run because of these COVID contacts. 

Loperfido also gave an update on the repairs of the service’s RIX air compressor for their oxygen refill system. He said the compressor has now been rebuilt by RIX and is on its way back to OGSI. Once they receive the compressor, he said, they will send a service tech to re-install the compressor in the ambulance service’s oxygen unit. 

If Loperfido is successful at obtaining a grant through FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant program, however, they may be able to replace the OGSI system altogether with a larger, mobile system. The system Loperfido has his eye on would refill tanks in a matter of hours, rather than overnight. It could also be loaded onto a trailer and taken to other locations to fill oxygen systems without needing to bring the tanks to the Grayson site. 

The system Loperfido is looking at costs $114,000 and he has applied for up to $119,000 in grant funding through the FEMA AFG program. 

Loperfido also updated the board on the status of employee vaccinations and vaccination requests, their annual Ambulance License Inspection, and in-service classes to review runs with Dr. Greg Spears. 

Loperfido also told the board that, in the time since writing his report they have moved forward with installing GPS units on some of the service’s vehicles. Those vehicles with the GPS units provide real-time information on their location, idle time, speed, and other driving data. The GPS can also be used to route vehicles more effectively to accidents or emergencies when travelling between runs. 

In other business Loperfido told the board that he had successfully gotten rid of junk vehicles that had been sitting behind the ambulance offices. Those vehicles, which the service believed they might have to pay to have hauled off, were sold for $7,000 to a local repairman. 

Loperfido also updated the board on the purchase of new, powered Stryker cots. The service bought their new cots for $6,000. They were then able to sell their surplus cots, including two extra powered cots they could not use and four manual cots, as well as other associated equipment, for $9,000, netting a $3,000 profit on the deal. That money was used to purchase new batteries for all of the powered cots, at a cost of $2,400 for all new batteries for the units. 

The board also heard updates on ambulance repairs, updates on 911 billing, and accepted the financial report from Valerie Nolan. Income for the previous month was $171,899.41. This was $83,505.59 less than budgeted, but still $8,250.79 more than the same month the previous year. 

Loperfido told the board that, when he’s able to bring on the other paramedics he has talked to, he expects that to help with unanticipated overtime costs resulting from the service being short staffed. 

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