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Jail becomes a training hub for local law enforcement with MILO range

GRAYSON – The Carter County Detention Center has been making its expertise available outside of its facility to local law enforcement. The detention center has its own trainers in many areas required by law enforcement such as use of force, pepper spray OC, taser certification, transport/restraint, and firearms certification to name a few. Most of this training is required of local police departments and sheriff’s deputies as well. 

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Training local with the jail keeps officers close and reduces costs to tightly budgeted agencies. Training though, however necessary, is either a luxury and/or major expense in many cities and counties throughout the state. Most agencies must send personnel out of town and incur the costs of training, lodging, and payroll.

“I understand the costs and issues with training deputies,” said Jailer R.W. Boggs. 

“I decided a long time ago to bring as much training under roof as I could to make training more accessible here at the jail. I have 6 deputies including myself that have been trained as trainers in multiple areas to provide better access to training at the jail. We have always offered these trainings and recertifications to local law enforcement, but lately agencies have been utilizing these services to a larger degree.” 

Just recently the Grayson Police Department went through MILO firearms and taser training provided by the detention center. 

“We get the MILO system from the state,” said Boggs. “I have two deputies trained as instructors on the MILO. My Chief Deputy, Shawn Moore conducted the training for our jail deputies as well as Grayson PD. The Sheriff’s Department and Olive Hill PD weren’t able at this time but have scheduled for us to train them in October.” 

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