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Rain leads to high water in Grayson

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Carter County Times

With flooding having a devastating impact on communities to the south of us, some folks became a little worried when heavy rains over the weekend caused some standing water in portions of Grayson. But other than some roadway and yard flooding along Rupert Lane – which never reached homes – and a tree that fell across Rt. 1 behind the Raider Mart, there were no real issues, Grayson Emergency Management co-directors Joanne and Roger Dunfee told the Times. 

“The water is going down now on Rupert Lane, where it always rises (during heavy rain events),” Joanne wrote in a Facebook chat with us on Sunday evening. “The Little Sandy (River) could be rising some,” she continued “But no houses in Grayson were affected that we know of.” 

Dunfee said despite worries from some, the Little Sandy was “not even close to flood level.” 

She said they had received a total of 2.94 inches of rain from midnight until noon on Sunday. 

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) showed a steep rise in levels of the Little Sandy River at Grayson during that same period, with water levels rising from the six foot stage to 9.17 foot at 1 p.m. 

But, as Dunfee noted, these are nowhere near the flood stage for the river, which NOAA sets at 21 feet. 

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