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Exercising her rights

Vera Anna, of Soldier, stands on the corner of Carol Malone Boulevard and Main Street in downtown Grayson last Wednesday wearing a sandwich board urging primary voters to “Vote No” on Patrick Flannery for the job of State Representative. Anna, who supports Flannery’s opponent in the Republican primary, Rita Yates, said she was unhappy with Flannery’s performance when he was Carter County Attorney.

“He didn’t do his job as Carter County Attorney,” Anna said, adding that Kentucky, “doesn’t need someone like that in Frankfort.”

“He doesn’t have a servant’s heart,” she continued.

Anna, a naturalized citizen who fled Warsaw Pact era Czechoslavakia with her young son, said she appreciated that America allowed her the freedom to openly support and oppose candidates of her choice and to exercise her First Amendment rights.

“It feels good to exercise your rights,” she said.

Primary voting closed yesterday, but Carter County Clerk Mike Johnston’s office said results of the election may not be available until June 30 because of the high number of absentee ballots being cast due to COVID-19 related concerns about traditional voting. The winner of the Flannery – Yates contest will face incumbent Democrat Kathy Hinkle for the 96th District State Representative seat in November’s general election.

Photo by Jeremy D. Wells, Carter County Times.



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