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Grayson approves CARES funds use: Police and fire to get new gear

By: Jeremy D. Wells

Carter County Times

 The city of Grayson has been reimbursed the promised $87,600 in police related expenses like salary costs through CARES Act funds and, following the recommendations made in their December meeting, moved to approve the purchase of mobile computer units for department use. Those units, at a cost of $43,128, include a tablet and a docking station for each vehicle. 

Among the amenities of the new mobile system is a feature that immediately calls up all relevant info when an officer scans a driver’s license. This would include any outstanding warrants in addition to information about suspended driving privileges or other relevant information. Rather than calling in, reading off information, and waiting for someone else to do the search, officers could be alerted immediately. In addition to silently alerting them of potential issues the system will also help get drivers back on the road more quickly when they are pulled over for routine traffic violations, Chief Travis Steele explained during the December meeting. 

Council approved the use of another $35,000 from the reimbursement for the purchase of new turn-out gear for the fire department. 

Mayor George Steele said the remainder of the CARES funds would be put toward other line items in the city budget. 

Council also approved a motion to enter into an agreement with the state for Kentucky’s deferred compensation system. This voluntary system allows employees to set back $15 or more per pay period towards additional retirement funds. These funds don’t replace existing 401K or state retirement system funds, but serve as a supplement to those funds. 

“When you retire, and see your retirement may not be enough, it’s too late,” John Knausz, a spokesman for the system, told council. 

The minimum amount each employee must put aside if they choose to participate in the program is $15 per pay period. But, Knausz said, they may elect to set aside more. 

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