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Burton elected new judge executive

Combs voted Grayson mayor and Callihan keeps Olive Hill seat

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

The numbers are in for Carter County, and the mayor’s race for Grayson is over, even with candidate Fred Miller reportedly appealing a decision by Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Phillips to disqualify him as a candidate.

Miller, who was reportedly disqualified in a decision from Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Phillips on Monday – just one day shy of the election – was found by the judge to be ineligible to hold or run for office until after he secures a formal pardon. He was sentenced by a United States District Court, in December 2006, to six months of house arrest and three years of probation on a charge of obstructing and secreting mail between 2001 and 2003, instead of delivering it in a timely manner.

Carter County Clerk Mike Johnston told Phillips in the first hearing on the case that declaring Miller ineligible would result in a delay because they cannot legally release any figures on the impacted ballots until all votes for Miller have been completely redacted.

That meant votes for judge executive, U.S. Senator, city council, or any other race listed on the impacted ballots could not be counted, and a final total released, until after the redactions could be made. That likely wouldn’t occur, Johnston told Phillips, until sometime “early in the morning” following election night.

But in her ruling, Johnston said, Phillips told the county they could count all votes, instead of removing Miller from the ballot, because Miller was appealing the decision. That means the county was able to report on all the races.

In the Grayson mayoral race Troy Combs took the most votes, with 487 to Miller’s 256, but whether Miller will contest those results remains to be seen.

In the mayor’s race in Olive Hill it’s incumbent Jerry Callihan keeping the seat over challenger Justin Dixon with 233 votes to Dixon’s 162.

In city council races in Grayson, where voters could choose up to six candidates, Sudy Walker took 465 votes, Bradley Cotton 542, Terry Stamper with 428, Michael Harper with 442, Dustin Burchett with 459, and Jennifer Scott McGlone with 484. These six will make up.

Back over in Olive Hill, where voters also chose up to six, your city council includes incumbents Wayne Russell with 269 votes, Eric Rayburn with 230, Chris Bledsoe with 249, Shannon Shutte with 244, and Kirk Wilburn with 240. Shane Tackett will join the incumbents on council with 193 votes, barely edging out Stevie Clay, with 173 votes.

In county wide races, incumbent Sheriff Jeff May keeps his seat with 6,008 votes to challenger Eric Ross’s 1,954.

In the jailer race it’s incumbent R.W. Boggs over challenger Charles Kiser Jr. with 4,958 to 2,785.

In constable race Carl Bocook ran unopposed with 1,203 votes in the first district, Danny Davis also ran unopposed with 1,080 in district two. In the third district it’s Johnny Gifford, 764, over Gary Shaffer, 692. In the fifth district the constable is Phillip Blevins with 846 votes to William “Bill” Wilson’s 524.

In magistrate races, district one, it was a tight competition, but Chris Huddle kept his seat in the race against challenger Chase Buck, 835 to 802.

In district two it was challenger Derrick McKinney over incumbent Morris Shearer, 1,028 to 750.

District three elected Millard Cordle, with 828 votes over incumbent Jack Steele’s 682.

In district four Sodbuster Roe, who defeated incumbent Donnie Oppenheimer in the primary lost to Republican Danny Joe Holbrook 922 to 564.

In district five, Republican Harley Rayburn faced no Democratic challenger, and takes the seat with 1,120 votes.

In the three-way race for Judge Executive it looks like voters preferred Republican Brandon Burton. Burton won with 4,407 votes to Democrat Dustin Howard’s 2,407 and Independent Duane Suttles 543 votes.

In the county coroner race challenger George Sparks won over incumbent William Waddell in a race that stayed tight until the end. But Sparks brought it home with 4,179 to Waddell’s 3,742.

In the U.S. Senate race, Carter County went for Rand Paul over Charles Booker, with currently available votes showing totals of 5,598 and 2,306 respectively.

In House races, Carter County showed its support for Hal Rogers in District 4, with 5,283 votes against challenger Conor Hableib, 1,529 votes. In District 5 Republican Thomas Massie took the seat with 760 votes to Democrat Matthew Lehman’s 169 and Independent candidate Ethan Osborne’s 24.

In uncontested seats Robin Webb remains our 18th District Senator, Patrick Flannery our Representative in District 96, Leslie Kiser-Roseberry the county PVA, Brian Bayes the county Attorney, and Mike Johnston the county clerk.

On ballot amendments, Carter County said No to Amendment One and Yes to Amendment Two. Amendment One, which would change rules for special session, had 3,364 no votes and 3,098 yes votes. Amendment Two, which would introduce a constitutional amendment prohibiting abortion, had 4,201 yes votes and 3,135 no votes.

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