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One more cup of coffee: Goose Bridle raises over $1,000 for local organizations

By: Jeremy D. Wells

Carter County Times

 What if you could help support local organizations, like church camps or scout troops, while doing something you do every day anyway like having your morning cup of coffee? 

That’s what Goose Bridle Coffee’s Will Stevens had in mind when he began doing fundraiser packs for his coffee beans. When Stevens saw that various non-profit groups were having trouble with their fundraising efforts during the COVID-19 crisis and quarantine he started thinking of things he could do to help out. 

What Stevens, whose day job is as a chemistry professor at Kentucky Christian University, does best – other than chemistry – is roast coffee. His coffee already has a loyal following among local connoisseurs who appreciate the quality of the beans he uses and the freshness of the roast. It’s quite possibly the freshest coffee to be found in the region and the only coffee currently being roasted commercially in Carter County. A lot of those folks buy their coffee as whole beans and grind them themselves at home for their preferred brewing method, though he can also grind your coffee for you if you prefer. 

For his fundraiser blend, though, Stevens wanted to appeal to the more casual coffee drinker. The folks who prefer the simplicity of a good, old-fashioned drip coffee maker to fancy pour-overs and French presses. He also wanted to make it simpler for the kids who would be doing the leg work of selling the coffee. Rather than have a variety of different roasts to juggle, and a whole bean option or different styles of grinds to keep organized, he came up with a blend and a roast that he could grind for use in drip coffee makers while still providing customers with the best, freshly roasted coffee available locally. The result is a blend of Guatemalan and Brazilian beans, in a medium-dark roast, that appeals to folks who want simplicity, but good flavor, in their morning cup of coffee. 

So far this fundraiser blend has raised over $1100 for local groups like Dance with Hope Studio, Howell’s Mill Christian Assembly church camp, and the East Carter Family Resource and Youth Service Center. It’s been successful enough that Stevens plans to continue offering the fundraiser roasts, which can be branded however the organization likes. 

“If you want to raise money for your Little League team, for example, we can offer a ‘Home Run Blend’ branding and labeling,” he explained. 

Though so far he’s only been offering the one blend for fundraisers, that could change if an organization wanted to do something different. For the youth groups who’ve been selling the coffee to date, though, the uncomplicated single-roast, single-grind option seems to be working best. The main thing, Stevens said, is using what he has to offer to help others in his community meet their fundraising needs. Right now, he’s happy with how that’s been working. 

For more information on Goose Bridle Coffee, and to contact Stevens for your own fundraiser blend or to try his specialty roasts, you can visit them online at www.goosebridlecoffeeroasters.com

Contact the writer at editor@cartercountytimes.com

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