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Legislative update 11/17/21

By: Robin L. Webb
Senator, State of Kentucky

FRANKFORT- The interim period is an excellent time to gain insight and review policies from other states. Last week I attended the Legislative Summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) with several of my legislative colleagues. The conference promotes cooperation between state legislatures in the United States and other countries. NCSL intends to advance the effectiveness, independence, and integrity of state legislatures to foster interstate cooperation and facilitate the exchange of information. I look forward to bringing these ideas and exchanges to Frankfort. 

While at home, we face weather-related challenges. The majestic topography and landscape of Appalachia truly make our area one of a kind. However, the increasing number of inclement weather emergencies in recent years leaves us at a higher risk of a potential natural disaster. Recognizing this, I met with officials from Kentucky Emergency Management, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the FIVCO Area Development District about our regional issues and how we should implement safeguards to protect our citizens. Last week, Governor Andy Beshear announced some notable projects across the district that intend to do just that. 

Boyd County received $800,000 in flood control funding, along with $338,250 will be invested to continue lift station rehabilitation in the City of Catlettsburg. The project will include the repair or replacement of main pumps and the installation of new backup pumps for lift stations at various locations within the system. 

Greenup County received $802,140, which will be put toward three Cleaner Water Program projects. The City of Russell received $612,000 for an emergency replacement of its raw water intake system. The City of Raceland received $128,000 to replace aging water meters with more modern meters that will allow readings using a vehicle-mounted receiver. The City of Worthington received $62,140 to clean wells and replace its water meters.  

Carter County received $698,438 from a flood control program to repair infrastructure damaged by floods during the storms earlier this year. The projects include road, bridge, drainage, and bridge structure repairs. The Governor also presented a $1 million Community Development Block Grant to the Rattlesnake Ridge Water District for upgrades and a project that will replace about 4,000 meters with new radio-read meters. 

I am encouraged to see funds being put toward mitigation efforts to reduce the risk of flooding and earmarking discretionary funds for transportation and clean water infrastructure in the region. These are projects we are in dire need of and that I have been steadfast in advocating for. I am glad to see the process begin to take shape, because having properly maintained infrastructure and precautions in place is essential to the safety of our communities. 

I hope this past Thursday you were able to take some time to reflect and show appreciation to those who serve, so that we can live in this great country with our many freedoms. We should always respect our veterans. If not for them, we might not have the freedom to pay such a tribute. We should show our gratitude in the manner that we live our lives and the message we share with our children–and grandchildren. It is our responsibility to teach each generation of the sacrifices made, so we can live freely. We must teach them that freedom does not come without a price – and sometimes that price is life. Thank you to all of our service members out there!  

Fall has gotten off to a quick start! It has been busy, informative, and rewarding in all facets. We are nearly a month and a half from the start of the 2022 Regular Session. For more on the Kentucky General Assembly, visit legislature.ky.gov. On the website, you can see the weekly schedule, watch live and archived coverage of committee meetings, search legislator contact information, learn about the legislative process, view informational materials, and request to testify at committee meetings.  

If I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. To share feedback on an issue, you can email me at Robin.Webb@lrc.ky.gov or call the General Assembly Message Line at 1-800-372-7181. Kentuckians with hearing loss can use Kentucky Relay by dialing 711. 

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