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Property Transfers: 6/19/20 – 7/2/20

Click the image below to open as a .pdf.



  1. Hey Pam! We’ve gotten the last several months of property transfers from the Clerk! We have the most recent set to run in this coming week’s paper, and we have the rest of them (dozens of pages in total) posted online for review.

    I hope this meets your needs. If not, please let us know what else we can do to best serve you as a reader.


  2. I would like to see deeds and property transfers at least once a month in the paper. For the price I pay to receive this paper it’s over priced. Seems like most of the paper is sports. No classified adds or real estate. No yard sale posts for Carter county.

    • Thanks for the feedback Pam. You aren’t the only one to ask for this. We have reached out to the County Clerk’s office to make sure they have our email address, and we’ve asked them to provide those to us when they are available. Unfortunately we haven’t received any in quite some time. We’re not sure if it is a COVID-19 related delay in publishing, or just the virus slowing down business in general, or some other issue. But please rest assured we are doing our best to obtain and publish that information and will continue to ask for them.

      As for classified ads, we would gladly publish them if anyone reached out to us to do so, and have published a few, but not many have asked to run classifieds. If you know someone planning a yard sale, or come across a yard sale, we’d appreciate you telling them about us and asking them to reach out to us next time they plan one!

    • As for sports coverage, we have on average one page of sports to 7 pages of news. School sports are an important part of local coverage that we are committed to providing for those with children and grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, involved in the sports programs. We don’t think one page an issue, during the short sports season, is too much to offer to acknowledge the hard work of our local student athletes.


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