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Area girls powering an emerging athletic development course at ECHS

Miranda H. Lewis

Carter County Times

When people think of weightlifters, they don’t often think of teenagers hitting reps, deadlifting, and squatting in a high school gym.

But, Health and Physical Education teacher Daniel Brown is working to change that and make health and fitness more accessible to all.

Brown was inspired to grow strength and conditioning into a school-wide program because he felt student-athletes needed continuous strength training. He noted that collegiate athletes train year-round in the weight room and he felt that high school athletes should, too.

The course is in its second year at East Carter High School, and this year marks the first year it has been offered as a year-round elective focusing on weight training, conditioning and nutrition under the tutelage of Brown.

The class is offered to both males and females interested in targeting their weaknesses and improving their strength in whichever areas are most needed.

With growing numbers, the program’s rapid ascension is ultimately helping athletes improve their athleticism, particularly female athletes who are determined to change the status quo.

“I hope the class keeps the interest of our women’s sports coaches and the athletes themselves. I want to help our programs win games, put simply I want our kids to have the best possible chances to compete at the highest level,” said Brown. “I truly believe that there is nothing wrong with being the strongest, and fastest person on any playing surface.”

Powerlifting has become a space where students can become part of a community while developing their own strength and confidence in the process.

Beyond the weight on the bar or the nutrition that fuels performance, Brown insists progress in the weight room is often misconceived.

“I think the biggest misconception of our class is that all we do is power lift,” he said.

Brown and his student-athletes prefer the term “athletic development”.

“At the end of the day, we just want to help our athletes improve their athleticism,” explained Brown.

Recently, participants became members of East Carter’s first ever female weight club based on their achievements this year.

“The way we measure their club is by totaling up their one repetition max in three different exercises (deadlift, squat, and bench press),” said Brown.

Brown explained that the girls’ max weight is collected over the course of a week and at the end of the week, they are rewarded for all their hard work.

“Our current clubs are 400 pounds and 600 pounds,” he continued.

Brown added that he hopes to add an 800 pound club soon.

Brown’s passion for athletic development paired with his education experience has created an environment within the weight room that aids performance on any playing field.

He relies heavily on the science of the human body to improve the overall health and strength of his student-athletes; applying those principles in his training program to span across all sports.

For student-athletes, Brown has had an immediate impact.

“I encourage them to always be the strongest/fastest they can be and remind them that they are stronger than they know.”

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