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Lady Comets blaze past the Raiders

Finish night with a 30-point lead

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

The West Carter Lady Comets started out the night trading shots with the East Carter team, but it didn’t take long for the team to pull ahead, and stay just out of reach of the Lady Raiders for the rest of the evening.

West got on the boards first, on a bucket from Millie Henderson (# 30), rebounding on a missed three-point attempt from Allie Stone (#22) and setting the tone for the Lady Comets showing.

Makyla Waggoner (#10) put the first point up for East, on a foul shot, to put the score at 2-1, but West quickly responded, with Stone getting the ball to Elizabeth Middleton (#2) for a textbook layup and a score of 4-1.

Middleton was answered by Savannah Adams (#32) for a score of 4-3, and it still could have been anyone’s game. But once Stone connected with her first three-point, to broaden the West lead to four, the Lady Raiders were playing a game of catch-up with an ever broadening gap.

Kinsley Rutledge (#35) tried to shift the momentum back to East, with a pair of foul shots to take the score to 7-5. But another West three-pointer, this one courtesy of Middleton, doubled their lead. Henderson followed that up with a pair of buckets – the second on a rebound – to put the score at 14-5. East Carter’s Adams responded with another basket, for a score of 14-7. But, as before, West came back with another series of baskets, with Camryn Burton (#1) adding a three-pointer and a two-pointer for the next two goals, and Stone’s two-pointer putting the Comets ahead by 14 points, with a score of 21-7.

Waggoner put up another good shot for the Lady Raiders that, coupled with a foul shot, took the East Carter team to ten. The period would end, though, at 23-10, after Stone scored on a recovery following a pile-up that left two East Carter players requiring medical attention for minor injuries – though both were able to leave the court under their own steam.

In the second period it was West Carter’s turn for a bucket and a foul shot, with Lexi Bond (#25) increasing the Comets’ lead to 16 points.

East Carter’s Brayleigh Boggs (#11) added another two points for the Lady Raiders, taking the score to 26-12. A bucket from Bond and a pair of foul shots from Henderson took the Comets lead to 18 points, at 30-12.
That back and forth continued, with Waggoner, Henderson, and Waggoner connecting for the next three shots, putting the score at 32-16. But West’s strong passing game and three-point dominance continued to serve the Lady Comets well, with Middleton adding another to the team’s stats for a score of 35-16.
East got another chance to narrow the lead, on a foul from Bond on Waggoner, but the Raiders only connected on one of the shots.

After another West Carter three-pointer, this one from Burton, the West team ran out the last minute of the period, ending it up by 21 points with a score of 38-17.

After a half-time ceremony to honor inductees in the West Carter Hall of Fame, West continued to increase the spread on a shot from Middleton to open the half, taking the Comets to a 40-17 lead. East’s Rutledge added another two points to the Lady Raiders’ score, but after a Middleton bucket, and a pair of three-pointers, the first from Stone and the next from Henderson, the score stood at 48-19 as continued to maintain their lead – a lead that broke the 30-point range after Stone added two more points on foul shots to put the score at 50-19.

Rutledge added another two points to the East Carter total. The lopsided pattern continued, however, with Stone connecting on back-to-back three pointers for West – stretching the lead to 35 points on a score of 56-21. But despite a three-pointer from Maci Moore (#2) and another two-point basket from Rutledge, the third period ended with the Comets still up by more than 30 points after Bond added another basket to their lead for a score of 58-26.

The Lady Comets took that lead to nearly 40 points after Burton added a three-pointer and a two-pointer to the West Carter tally, and Emilee Barker (#42) made the last bucket of the night for the Comets, taking the score to 65-26.

East Carter whittled that lead back down to 30 on a late game rally against the Comets’ second string, with Adams adding four points to the total, on a pair of shots that bookended Karyssa Marcum’s three-pointer, and a final shot from Boggs to put the final score at 65-35. But narrowing the lead was the best the Lady Raiders could hope for by that point in the game.

The Lady Comets are currently ranked third in the 16th Region with ten wins and three losses on the season.

The next face-off for the in-county rivals will be on Thursday, January 6, when the East Carter boys face off against the West Carter team, at West Carter, with tipoff at 7:30 p.m.

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