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Cline Shines: West starts a streak with second shutout of season

By: Jeremy D. Wells

Carter County Times

Boyd County may have stopped a few of West Carter’s attempts at extra points, but that’s about all the Lions accomplished on Friday as the Comets held them scoreless for their second shutout victory of the season, ending the game with a score of 40-0. 

The Comets started strong and ended strong, with touchdowns from Cole Crampton (5), Blake McGlone (32) and Leetavious Cline (21) in the first half. West failed to deliver on a two point conversion attempt after McGlone’s touchdown. But Cline delivered a first down after carrying the ball for 58 yards on a hand-off from quarterback Orry Perry. Perry then made good on a pass to Jackson Bond (22) who was forced out of bounds by Boyd County. McGlone then advanced the ball for a fourth down and three, and Cline carried it for a first down with just over two minutes left on the clock before scoring touchdown number three for a score of 18-0. 

It looked like West might score a fourth touchdown when they recovered the ball from Boyd County on an interception by Gage Leadingham (12) who demonstrated that size isn’t always as important as a pair of good hands and fancy footwork. Though Boyd got the ball back on downs with 34 seconds left on the clock, Cline recovered the ball on a fumble helping West hold the score as the first half wrapped. 

In the second half McGlone scored touchdown number four on a pass, bringing the score to 24-0. Sam Jones (16) then ran the ball for a conversion, bringing the score to 26-0. 

Logan Berry (23) picked up a pass from Perry, earning the Comets first and goal before Cline scored TD number five for West, bringing the score to 32-0. Following that touchdown Garrett Wolfe (20) made good on his kick to bring the score to 33-0. 

Dylan Roe (13) recovered the ball on a fumble with four minutes and 15 seconds left in the fourth quarter, setting up West for their final score of the night. That last touchdown came from Cline, who ran the ball for 59 yards, from the 41 yard line, to bring the score to 39-0. Wolfe’s kick was good on that one too, bringing the final score to 40-0 for West’s second shutout in as many games. 

West had a total of 19 first downs to Boyd’s 9, and two penalties for a loss of 10 yards to the Lion’s three penalties for a loss of 20 yards. The Comets had no turnovers while the Lions suffered one interception, two fumbles and one blocked kick. West rushed for a total of 305 yards to Boyd’s 86, and had 102 passing yards to Boyd’s 64 yards, for totals of 407 yards for the Comets and 150 yards for the Lions. 

Most of West’s yardage was courtesy of Cline, who ran 270 yards with 23 carries and three touchdowns. McGlone caught six passes, for 45 yards and two touchdowns, while Perry passed for a total of 102 yards including the two touchdown passes to McGlone. 

West will try to keep that momentum going as they take their game on the road this week, facing Shelby Valley on Friday night. 

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