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Lady Comets zoom past the Raiders: West built second half lead for 66-50 win

By: Jeremy D. Wells

Carter County Times

The East Carter Lady Raiders and West Carter Lady Comets came into the second period fairly close in the score department, ending the first period with the Comets up three, 17-14. By the time the first half ended, though, the Lady Comets held a commanding lead that they’d fight hard to keep until the end of the game. 

The Lady Raiders didn’t make it an easy game for the Comets. They continued to add to their score, keeping West Carter on their toes and working to maintain their lead. No matter how hard the East team played, though, it wasn’t enough to catch Allie Stone and the Comets. 

Stone took West from a four to a six point lead early in the second period, on a two point field goal that put the Comets at 30 to East’s 24. The Comets would build that lead with a three-pointer from Beth Middleton, a two point field goal from Kylie Gilliam, and another three pointer from Stone. East’s Makyla Waggoner scored for the Raiders between Gilliam and Stone, putting the score at 38-26 as the second period came to an end, but the trend would continue in the second half. 

The Lady Raiders scored first in the third, on a free throw, to take the score to 38-27, but that was quickly followed by a Gilliam field goal to take things to 40-27. Another free throw, from East’s Sarah Tussey, took the Raiders to 28, but West’s Gilliam then scored on two free throws of her own. Jascie Greene delivered on a pair of free throws for East too – twice – and with two other penalty shots it almost looked like fouls could help the Raiders narrow the gap as the score went to 42-34. A basket by Kayleigh Rayburn, free throw from Stone, and field goal from Beth Middleton took the score to 47-34. A three pointer from East’s Halle Swanagan took the score to 47-37, but a field goal from sophomore Alexis Bond put the Lady Comets up another two points, for a score of 49-37 as the third period drew to a close. 

Middleton started the final period scoring a field goal and a free throw for the Comets, taking their lead to 52-37. A pair of free throws for East Carter’s Alyssa Stickler took the Raiders to 39. Stone followed those with a two point basket, followed by a field goal from Alexis Bond, and another Stone basket to put the Comets ahead by 19 points at 58-39. 

A three-pointer from East’s Swanagan, and back to back two point shots from M. Waggoner, narrowed that gap, though, bringing the score to 58-46 as the Lady Raiders began clawing their way back. 

Senior Peyton Steagall broke that trend though, taking the score to 60-46 before another free throw for Waggoner took the Raiders to 47 and a pair of free throws for Stone bumped the Comets to 62. 

Stickler tried to rally another Raider comeback with a three-point shot that took the East Carter team to 50 points, but there was no coming back from the Comets’ lead. As the clock ticked down a pair of free throws from Stone and another pair of good foul shots from Middleton took the final score to 66 for the Lady Comets and 50 for the East Carter Raiders. 

Stickler was the top scorer for East, with 13 points on three three-pointers, a field goal, and a pair of foul shots. Waggoner, Swanagan, and Jaelyn Steele all scored nine points each while Greene had eight points and Tussey two points on free throws. 

On the West Carter side, Stone was a house on fire with 20 points from six field goals, one three-pointer and five free throws. Middleton was next with 12 points, Bond with ten, Henderson nine, Gilliam eight points, three points from Jordan on a field goal and a free throw, two from Rayburn, and two from Steagall. 

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