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Raiders ride roughshod over Musketeers: East enjoys a 30–0 victory over Greenup County  

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

East Carter set the tone early and dominated all evening last Friday, holding the Greenup County Musketeers scoreless while racking up an impressive 30 points lead in their first game of the Class 3A state football finals. 

Running back Charlie Terry scored the Raiders first touchdown, less than four minutes into the game, after receiving for a first down on the 48, and fighting their way to a first down on the 14 yard line on an impressive breakaway run from Terry – who rushed for a total of 112 yards on the evening. A two-point conversion run by wide receiver Mikey Hall gave the Raiders an 8-0 lead and, after an unsuccessful push by Greenup and a turnover on downs after an incomplete pass, the Raiders put themselves into scoring position again as the first quarter came to an end. 

That final play of the first quarter saw the Raiders get a first down at the 45, on a pass to receiver Connor Goodman, followed by another first down on a 10-yard pass to Terry at the 33. Cason Adams picked up the Raiders next first down, at the 21. East Carter had a second down on the 15-yard line as the buzzer rang on the quarter. 

When the second quarter started East picked up a four-yard gain, for third and one on the 11, before pushing to a first down just one-yard short of the goal. Greenup then held the line at the goal, through four downs, but it wasn’t quite enough to stop East Carter quarterback Kanyon Kozee who powered through the Musketeer’s defense to score the Raider’s second touchdown with 8:51 on the clock. Isaac Boggs’ two-point conversion play following that touchdown took the score to 16-0 Raiders. 

Despite an aggressive game, and an off-side flag on East that gave Greenup yardage, the Musketeers just couldn’t fight their way out of the deficit East had created. The Raiders took over on the 44-yard line, and after a tight pass to Goodman that took East to the 10-yard line – a 34- yard gain – Terry scored again, taking the score to 22-0. That’s where it would stay, after Greenup managed to block the extra-point kick, as the first half came to an end. 

Greenup just wasn’t able to overcome the East momentum in the second half. Even penalties weren’t enough to slow the Raiders inexorable march to victory, and while Greenup County quarterback Tyson Sammons caried the ball to a series of first downs, moving up to the 14-yard line as the third quarter came to an end, a fumble recovery by Devin Carver at the top of the fourth quarter gave possession back to the Raiders. 

Terry helped advance the ball, carrying it to a first down on the 31, the 41, the 48, before Boggs took over to carry it to the 38 and Goodman picked up a pass for a first down at the 16, putting himself and the Raiders into scoring position for the final touchdown of the game on a pass to Goodman, the only receiving touchdown of the game. Quarterback Kanyon Kozee made good on the two-point conversion for his team, taking the team to 30-0, with 4:38 left in the game, as the Raiders ran out the clock on the Musketeers. 

Terry also led the team in defensive tackles, with four solo and four assists, one tackle for loss, and one defensive sack – a total of 8 tackles, just behind Rylan Yoak with two solo and eight assists, for a total of ten. Nikk Barnett was next with three solo and four assists, one tackle for loss, and one defensive sack. Izack Messer, with three solo and two assists, also had a tackle for loss. Bryson Kiser had four solo tackles, two of those tackles for loss, and one a defensive sack. Zach Wellman had one solo, two assists, with one tackle for loss and one defensive sack. Isaac Boggs had two solo and one assist. Devin Carver had one solo and two assists. Cason Adams had one solo and one assist, and Connor Goodman has one solo tackle. 

Terry rushed for 112 yards of East Carter’s 164 total rushing yards – Boggs rushed for 23, Kozee for 16, Bryer Holbrook for 10, and Nikk Barnett for three – and Kozee had 10 pass completions for 149 net yards passing. 

The Raiders play again this Friday, when they face-off against Ashland Paul Blazer at 7:30 p.m. at home. 

Contact the writer at editor@cartercountytimes.com 



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