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AS WE SEE IT: Buy momma something nice

Editorials typically take a stance on something political. They will support an issue or a law. Rather than reporting objectively, they allow the editorial staff to express their passions and their opinions on an issue. 

Here at the Carter County Times, though, there is something else we passionately support – the health and growth of locally owned businesses. 

We realize you have a plethora of options available to you when it comes to shopping for Mother’s Day presents. It can be easier to order online and have things delivered right to your door; or their door if you don’t live in the same community.

It’s easy to give into the convenience of it all. But if we want vibrant, thriving and revitalized downtown areas, and communities worth living in, we need to help build the local economy. The best way to do that is to shop local. 

If you’ve ever been disappointed with an online order, and had a hard time finding a person who cared to help you fix it, know that locally owned businesses care. Not just because they want and rely on your business, but because they are members of our communities too. 

You’ll see them at church on Sunday. You’ll see them at basketball and football games during the school year. And at graduation when their children finish school. They’ll be on the street at community events like Memory Days or It’s Fall Y’all! 

When it comes time to give back to the community, they’ve shown they’ll show up. Now, this Mother’s Day holiday, we’re asking you to show up for them.  

If the service offered by a local business isn’t enough, remember that image of the vibrant downtown. The healthy economy. The convenience of finding things in town instead of running to Morehead or Ashland. If  you want that, you have to support it. 

In some cases, you can even have the best of both worlds. If your mother likes coffee you could go online, order her some delicious Goose Bridle Coffee, and have it delivered right to her door from Grayson. Using their website is just as easy as Amazon, and it supports a local business. 

You can go the hybrid model too. For instance, Trinity Sisters Design, in Olive Hill, started as an Etsy storefront online, and still maintains an active Facebook page. If you see something you like on their page you can always reach out to them through Facebook, or by telephone, and start the process before you ever stop by the store. 

It isn’t just Trinity Sisters either. Rupert’s also maintains a Facebook page with sales and new items. Jean Marie’s Boutique, Stylish Stitches, and Unique Boutique are all great places to shop for Mother’s Day gifts and clothing too, and they all have Facebook pages where you can browse items they offer before stopping in. 

We highly recommend stopping in, though. These stores all have things that you might not see online. Jean Marie’s, for instance, carries a very nice collection of gift items in addition to the clothing you might see on Facebook.  

Or maybe you want to buy your mother a pretty smelling bouquet from Sally’s Flowers or All That Bloomz. Maybe a hanging basket from Affordable Flowers, Garden Gate, or Rainbow Gardens would be more her style. 

Maybe you want to visit Haney’s Jewelry to find a mother’s ring for your spouse. Or get mom a massage from Walking on Sunshine. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can probably find it from someone local in Carter County. 

If you can’t find it local? Then order it online. We aren’t here to shame you for your purchasing preferences. We’re here to ask you to support local folks when you can. 

If you do buy your present online, maybe take mom out for a dinner at a local restaurant too. We have it on good authority they will be doing Mother’s Day dinners at Carter Cave’s Tierney’s Cavern Restaurant and Henri’s Deli. Whether you choose the park, take-out from a local pizza place, or one of the sit-down options in our communities, mom is sure to appreciate not having to cook. And our local restaurants and their staff are sure to appreciate your patronage.



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