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Please forgive me for asking but I’ve been wondering….

By: Keith Kappes
Carter County Times

Why did the new king of England choose to be called King Charles III when the first King Charles was beheaded after starting a war and the second King Charles was a notorious playboy with a wife and lots of girlfriends?

Since many Brits apparently don’t like him because of the way he treated the late Princess Diana, I may have answered my own question.  My guess is that the personal relationships of the new King Charles no doubt will be closely watched by the British press which can be vicious at times.

Speaking of the British monarchy, why did a previously respected professor at a prestigious American university write online that he hoped Queen Elizabeth II would suffer intense pain as she died because of the colonial misdeeds of the British Empire over hundreds of years?

In addition to being cruel and heartless, that nasty comment was plainly stupid and not what we would expect from a man of letters. His university moved quickly to disassociate itself from that hateful and inaccurate statement. This is another example of why all of us should be thankful that ignorance is not contagious.

Here is a two-parter…how many Republicans will be on the ballot next year when Kentucky holds another election for governor and how will the former president who lives in Florida decide which of the GOP candidates is really his favorite?

State Attorney General Daniel Cameron likes to tell folks that his public endorsement by the man from Mar-A-Lago means that he is the anointed one in terms of the MAGA voters who now seem to be at least the vocal majority of the Republican Party.

But that didn’t scare away former UN Ambassador Kelly Craft, the wife of coal billionaire Joe Craft and perhaps the richest woman in the Bluegrass State. She announced her candidacy last week but said little, if anything, about the man who appointed her to represent America in Canada and later at the UN.

But isn’t that the same man she and her husband hosted at the Kentucky Derby a few months ago?  

Keith Kappes can be reached at keithkappes@gmail.com.



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