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Tornado, drought, flood, hurricane victims know climate change 

By: Keith Kappes
Carter County Times

Tornadoes that ravaged West Kentucky. Flooding that decimated more than a dozen counties in East Kentucky. Prolonged drought that is creating perfect conditions for devastating wildfires out West and destroying family and corporate farming nationwide. Category 5 Hurricanes that essentially erase entire towns and neighborhoods in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and other coastal areas. 

Would you ever have imagined that Lake Powell or Lake Mead on the mighty Colorado River would be in danger of becoming “dead pools”, creating a critical shortage of electricity and fresh water for millions in that part of our nation?   

Whether you are 18 or near 80 like me, no one can honestly say that the world’s climate has not changed and that it is not getting worse each year. It seems like The Weather Channel now shows horror stories disguised as weather forecasts. 

Personally, I curse the politicians who deny and downplay climate change as a ruse by liberals to justify stricter environmental regulations. These same demagogues are trying to eliminate environmental protection in all forms. 

Many Americans are complaining about higher food prices but what if the persistent lack of rain pushes America into a famine like those in other parts of the world? 

The World Food Program’s most recent “Hunger Hotspots” report shows that more than 43 million persons in 38 countries are at risk of famine or a serious food crisis. 

Do we really want to keep debating climate change while the United States heads in the direction of Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen with the world’s highest levels of hunger? 

We know that almost half of global child deaths are linked to malnutrition, and one in five children on this planet suffer from wasting, which means low weight for their height. 

Politics aside, I sure as hell don’t want my great-grandchildren showing up on national TV as skin-and-bones victims of hunger. Do you? 

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