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As they see it: Can you help HELP

We recently featured the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP) in an article. We were impressed with the mission that Jean and Eddie Adams and their neighbors have taken on. When Jean sent us an email, asking us to help her thank the Humana COVID-19 Relief Fund of Foundation for the Tri-State Community, Inc. for a recent grant, we recommended she write a letter to the editor. 

In her email, Adams said HELP would like to take the opportunity to thank the Foundation for the Tri-State and the donor – the Humana COVID-19 Relief Fund of Foundation for the Tri-State Community, Inc. – for their recent grant of $1,000. Those unrestricted funds will be used for food assistance and other aid for those in need, Adams said. 

HELP said they would also like to thank Mindy Woods-Click for identifying their organization as one that could benefit from the grant award. 

Adams email was followed up by an email from Melissa Felty Gibson. 

That email expressed gratitude for the award, but noted there are many more needs that HELP can, and would like to, meet within Carter County. She went on to ask the community for help with meeting those very specific needs. We decided to turn our editorial over to her this week, as she makes a compelling case for why HELP is an important organization, and we just happen to agree with her. 

Her words are below: 

“HELP is asking for donations of much needed medical equipment, hygiene items and cleaning supplies. 

“HELP is a really great nonprofit organization that works to give assistance to the elderly or disabled; those with such a high copay, or no insurance at all, and who don’t have the funds to obtain the items that are needed for them to live comfortably in their home. 

“As stated by Eddie Adams, the elderly are depending on social security checks to get them thru each month and we all know that is barely enough to get by on. This is where HELP steps in and provides what is needed as far as medical equipment; walkers, wheel chairs, canes, mechanical beds and a lot more. 

“We often get a call that food is needed as well, so we complete a food box and see that it gets delivered when needed. Monthly the volunteers of HELP make up goodie bags with donated items from hygiene items to cleaning supplies. When we have it we even add a bag of hard candy. Jean Adams, the founder of HELP, said that if an item is needed no one will be turned away as long as HELP has it. 

“All service is free, no one will ever be asked to pay. 

“HELP does accept donations of items or funds, which are much needed and appreciated. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and do give a receipt for tax dedication. 

“HELP was blessed recently with a grant from the Humana COVID-19 Relief Fund of Foundation for the Tri-State Community, Inc. That money will go to purchase items that HELP is running low on, such as protein drinks and items for the goodie bags. 

“But there are other ways you can help. For instance, we are asking any one that can sew to help us by making reusable shopping bags and walker covers. You can contact Melissa Gibson by text at 740-861-0547 to get size and directions of what is needed. 

“HELP is also asking for donation of much needed storage space. If you have an empty building, and don’t care for HELP to store items in it, you can reach out and let Jean know. 

“We also sure would appreciate donations of items for the goodies bags we give out. In demand items include hygiene items or cleaning supplies and puzzles or puzzle books. Other items that you might not think of, but that we find folks are in need of, include umbrellas or ponchos, boxes, milk and cereal, toilet tissue, and other basic items that are used on a daily basis. If you would like to donate any health care items, food, or other items you can contact Jean Adams at 606-474-6423 or write to HELP at 1296 Damron Branch Grayson, KY, 41143. 

“The hub of HELP are founder Jean Adams, her husband Eddie Adams, and her brother Hobie. They work hard to provide an easier life for our loved ones. They are awesome people who work to make this possible. Since the opening of HELP in January 2019 they have been able to provide assistance to 500 families. Even if you can’t donate, reach out and thank Jean. She works very hard, through her own health issues, to make this all possible.”


Melissa Felty Gibson



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