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Guest Editorial: Statistics prove urgency to act

From the Ashland Daily Independent

In December, the Tri-State experienced some weather extremes, with temperatures hitting some uncomfortable and dangerous lows before warming to light-jacket weather within a day.

This is considered erratic weather, a sign of unhealthy global warming.

It’s true, Earth is constantly warming. It’s part of the life process of the planet. But warming of Earth’s core is slow, when the planet is healthy. It accelerates when it’s not.

Earth is not healthy, and Americans aren’t the only ones experiencing the fallout:

The British weather service, called The Meteorological Office, reported the highest average temperature in England since records began in 1884; the second highest was in 2014. In fact, Britain’s 10 hottest years have been since 2003.

Last year was France’s hottest year since records began in 1900.

Switzerland’s meteorological service said the nation’s annual average temperature of 45.3 degrees in 2022 was “by far the highest value since measurements began in 1864.”

Spain had its hottest year since records started in 1961, with the country’s four hottest years coming since 2015.

Norway’s Svalbard islands in the Arctic had their warmest summer in more than a century of record-keeping.

Germany, Belarus, Belgium, Czechia, Latvia, Poland and the Netherlands all set national record daily highs for Dec. 31 or Jan. 1.

In addition to record-setting heat and cold, countries all over the world have suffered landslides, flooding and dangerous winds, all aspects of erratic weather, which is caused by accelerated global warming.

Those who are religious should be concerned.

Psalms 24 tells us Earth belongs to God, and we are responsible for managing all the world offers.

Those who are not religious should be concerned, too, as damage to Earth is damage to our home and the home of future generations.

It seems like an insurmountable task, to make Earth healthier, but it can be done if action is taken right away.

We all must show our support for reduction of fossil fuels, the cause of unnatural changes in our weather. We must conserve power, whether it’s electricity or gasoline. We must urge legislators to get on board with a plan to reconfigure how we fuel the world.

We must take climate change serious and act accordingly. Humanity depends on it.



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