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Guest Editorial: Honoring our veterans

Sheila Flaugher Binion
CCQFC, Vice-President

Veterans Day is a Federal Holiday set aside for us to honor and remember those who served our nation in the military. It is celebrated on November 11 each year. 

When should we honor our veterans, just on Veterans Day? Or should we honor them each time we get the chance? The Carter County Quilts for Veterans believes the answer to that question is simple. Honor our veterans every time we get the opportunity. 

Around 300 Carter County Veterans have been honored by the Carter County Quilts for Veterans and were presented with a Quilt of Valor on behalf of the Quilts Of Valor Foundation. Though sometimes a veteran of ours will pass before we get that opportunity. 

Recently one of our Carter County veterans passed, though it felt good knowing we were able to show him our appreciation before then. 

Forrest Owens was presented with a Quilt of Valor on Veterans Day in 2017 at the Grayson Fire Department. It was our first presentation and all 17 men were WWII Veterans. 

Forrest Owens served us in the U.S. Marine Corps during WWII and was in combat at Iwo Jima. He earned two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. He was a hero. 

So the next time you get the opportunity, honor our veterans before it’s too late. Shake their hand and say thank you; give them a Veterans Day card; send them a letter of thanks; or make a donation to the Carter County Quilts for Veterans. 

Another way you can honor our veterans is by adding their name to our list of veterans, who will be presented a Quilt of Valor. To add a Veteran’s name to our list or to make a donation contact President Johnda Adkins Berry at (606) 474-6994.

Editor’s note: Supporting our veterans is important not just on Veterans Day, as our guest editorialist notes above, but every day. Supporting Quilts of Valor is one way to do so, and one we endorse wholeheartedly. 

Another way to do so is through support for your local American Legion Post. These folks not only provide a space for veterans to discuss life outside of service with those who understand firsthand this massive change, they also provide access to information about services available to veterans, meals, and a way for veterans to continue doing what they do best – serving their communities and each other.

We encourage you to support all our local veterans and all the services that support them. Every day. 



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