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Letter to the Editor: 10/28/20

On October 13, our region marked a significant milestone, as we convened the first official meeting of a new northeastern Kentucky survivors’ council. The mission of this council is to support and empower victims of crime as they seek justice, hope, and healing. 

And on November 3, voters statewide have a critical opportunity to take a landmark step in ensuring that victims in all 120 counties have constitutionally guaranteed rights – by passing Amendment 1 (Marsy’s Law for Kentucky). 

Kentucky is currently one of only 15 states that does not protect victims’ rights in its constitution. Accused and convicted individuals have numerous rights codified in our state constitution, but crime victims have none. 

Marsy’s Law will assure that crime victims have the right to be informed, be present, and be heard in key proceedings within the judicial process – and that they have afforded a meaningful voice. 

You can view the full list of rights protected under Marsy’s Law for Kentucky, preview full ballot language, and see the broad coalition of organizations statewide who are supporting Amendment 1 at http://www.VictimsRightsKY.com. 

Whether you are absentee voting, voting in person early, or voting in person on Election Day, please be sure to flip your ballot to vote YES on Constitutional Amendment 1. Let’s take decisive action to ensure that thousands of Kentucky crime victims are finally provided the rights and respect they deserve!

Ann Bauers – Executive Director, National Justice & Hope for Crime Victims (Grayson, KY) and 

Brandon Ison – Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 37th Judicial Circuit (Sandy Hook, KY) 



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