Letter to the Editor 6/9/21

I want to give a heart felt thanks Grahn Fire Dept and Bob and Eli for helping me in my time of need when my “heart dog” fell off a cliff at Carter Caves. Just an old man and his dog. But you showed up!! 

She took a bad fall. I didn’t know what to do so I called 911. We were deep in the woods but you showed up. You had to cross a stream waist deep. But you showed up. All you had was a sheet but you showed up. I said “I can’t carry her” but you said “I’m here to help!” I thought “thank God he showed up!” We tried to carry her out but had to stop every few yards. Again I thought, “thank God you showed up”. After a while more help arrived I thought “thank God they showed up!” All of you wanted to help carry my sweet Tia out!

I thank God you all showed up. She didn’t make it… but it wasn’t because you didn’t show up!! Thank you from one old man and his dog! Good-bye my sweet Tia. 

Larry Dacci

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