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Letter to the Editor: Cartoon Controversy

My name is Scott Adkins; I live in Grayson.  For quite some time, I have purchased and enjoyed reading the Carter County Times.

I write because, although I champion the First Amendment, I must say I was more than a little displeased and surprised at the political cartoon printed on Pag A-5 of the Jan. 25th issue.

To be blunt:  y’all do realize that President Trump carried Carter County by a 3-1 margin, do you not?  And I find it more than a little strange that given the ardent support former President Trump enjoys in Carter County that y’all would print the cartoon that appeared on Page A-5.

Frankly, Biden does not enjoy wide support here; and the whole classified document issue vis-a-vis Biden remains a continuing and unresolved matter, and the one involving former President Trump stands similarly unresolved, as well as hotly contested from a legal perspective.

So, while y’all stand free to print and say what you like, printing that particular cartoon might cast your paper as suffering from progressive or liberal leanings in a place where most folks don’t.

Differently put, I am fairly sure most of your readers were as about as amused as was I with that cartoon – and I wasn’t.  Y’all might want to consider your readers.

Most respectfully,

Scott L. Adkins, USMC (ret’d)

Editor’s Note: We appreciate Mr. Adkins perspective, and had a valuable conversation with him via email about the cartoon. As we explained to him, we don’t believe you need to agree with something 100% to see value in it, and we encourage folks to examine their beliefs and ideological consistency no matter where they lie on the political spectrum or which party or politician they support.

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