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Letter to the Editor: From the family of Brent King

This is one of the hardest thank you letters I will ever have to write. Trying to find the words has been so hard, because there are truly no words to express how thankful and grateful we are to anyone and everyone who has helped us through this time; and are continuing to help us.  

I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the 17 years I had with Brent.  

As a parent, the one thing you want for your child is for people to love them. To see how many people loved my son was truly humbling. For people to stand in line for hours to pay respect during visitation, and then having nowhere to sit during the funeral, this tells me my son was loved so much; which makes me so proud of him.  

For people to love him the way they did, he had to love them.  

Everyone that talks to me tells me what a great person Brent was. How he loved people. How he helped. How he always had a smile on his face.  

I’m so proud to have been chosen to be his mom. Brent’s families want to thank each and every one of you.  

To anyone who has prayed for us, or continues to pray for us, thank you so much. We need every prayer we can get.  

I want to thank anyone who brought food, or cooked, or anything you have done to help us. Thank you so much.  

To anyone and everyone who has donated, or helped, or volunteered during the benefits they had for Brent, we want to thank you so much.

Thank you so much for making the hardest time we have gone through a little less stressful.  

Thank you so much for obeying your hearts and reminding us how proud we are to live in the little community of Olive Hill.   

Thank you all so much.  

I want to send a special thank you to Amber Conn for everything you have done to help. You watched Brent grow from a baby, and your family did so much to help us, I couldn’t ever thank you enough.  

We want to thank the schools my children attend for being patient with them through this difficult time.  

We want to thank the West Carter football team and the coaches for everything they have done for Brent. I can never truly tell you how thankful we are. But, from the bottom of our hearts, thank each and every one of you so much. 


Jessica Salyer-Leadingham and the Brent King Family



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