Weddings can be fun events and great sources of humor

By: Keith Kappes
Carter County Times

My wife and I were invited to attend the wedding of a niece we didn’t know very well. We noticed that the groom had a pierced ear with a large diamond.

Asked for a reaction, I said: “That means the groom is already partially trained. He’s experienced pain and learned to buy jewelry”.

On our return trip from that wedding, a story was shared by my wife, the same clever woman who years ago put these words on the wall of our bedroom:

“Sometimes I wake up Grouchy; Sometimes I let him sleep.”

Janet’s story concerns a young couple who fell in love during the Great Depression. They were engaged to be married but the man was worried about the economic realities of marriage during such difficult times.

With some anxiety, he opened his heart to his intended and told her, “I think you should know that I only have $150 to my name.” The young bride-to-be responded with optimism, “Oh, that will work out just fine.” 

She explained, “I had hoped for a husband and now I am also getting $150.” 

It was a vulnerable moment in their relationship, but instead of expressing fear and worry, the young woman expressed confidence, optimism, and good humor. Most of all, she expressed love. 

Yes, they got married and their union only lasted about 70 years.

In addition to their deep, abiding love for each other, they never lost their sense of humor. The ability to laugh at themselves was a priceless gift.

Husbands and wives often know funny things about each other. In our home, those stories are shared lovingly to relieve tension or distract us from life’s worries.

Like many of you, we’ve found that good-natured humor is a key ingredient in the emotional mixture that makes a marriage work. 

My wife says truly great marriages are made in heaven. Each time, I remind her that also is true of thunder, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Keith Kappes can be reached at keithkappes@gmail.com

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