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Extension Notes: Alternatives to invasive Bradford pears

By: Rebecca Konopka
Carter County Extension Agent

Have you noticed the white trees that are currently in bloom along our roadsides? There’s a very good chance that what you are seeing are Bradford pear trees. Bradford pears are a cultivar of callery pears and are not native to Kentucky, but have been widely planted. Unfortunately, not only are these trees a poor choice for landscapes, they are also bad for the environment.

Here’s why: Bradford pears were once popular because they are fast growing with pretty blooms. In reality, their blooms smell bad, and the trees are prone to cracking and quickly become unsightly when large limbs split from the tree during wind or ice storms. Furthermore, invasive Bradford pears don’t stay put – their seeds spread into nearby areas and damage the productivity and integrity of farms, forests, and natural areas. It is easy to see where all these trees are spreading to during the spring bloom season.

Some states and cities have now banned the sale of Bradford pears because of theses invasive tendencies.

There are plenty of native trees that have showy flowers and vivid fall colors that can be planted in place of invasive species. Serviceberry trees are a native alternative with beautiful spring white flowers and bright fall colors. A list of tree species well suited for Kentucky landscapes can be found in the University of Kentucky publication HO-94. These publications are available at your local Extension Office or online at tinyurl.com/38a8ka7f.

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