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Home Made Beautiful

Patton holds book signing this Saturday

By: Jeremy D. Wells

Carter County Times

Kimberly Patton wants to help you make your home a beautiful, tasteful, and inviting place where you can be happy. The local author’s new book, Home Made Beautiful: A Guide to Incorporating Cozy Farmhouse, French Elegance, and Kentucky Charm, shows you exactly how to make your home the kind of place that guests remember. And not just for the way it looks, though that is the main focus of the book. Patton’s book also includes a few favorite recipes, some party ideas, and tips on creating your ideal outdoor spaces.

“It’s a book about interior design,” Patton explains. “But also, how-tos and DIYs, different ideas on crafts, and a few recipes.”

Ultimately, it’s about home and the people you share it with, Patton says.

“It’s all about family. Thing you can do with your family. Things you do for your family.”
This becomes obvious when reading the snippets of Patton’s family history – like her father’s WWII service and its impact on her mother – as she guides you through using family photographs and heirlooms in your design choices. But it’s there too when you see the loving attention to detail in design choices she made for her grandson’s birthday party.

But love alone can’t make a good design, and Patton has spent years developing her style.

“Interior design has always been my love. I’ve always worked in my house, and wanted to make it beautiful for my family,” she explained. “We owned Horton & Brown Pharmacy and I took care of the gift shop, I was the buyer, so that worked well with what I love.”

But she didn’t think of writing about that love until her daughter prompted her.

“I was a schoolteacher years ago,” she continued. “I had always liked writing, and my daughter said, ‘Mom, you need to do a book on home décor. That’s what your specialty is.’ So, I did.”

It took her seven years to put it together, while working other jobs, but she’s happy now with the final product.

The book released in February of this year, through Amazon, and has already gone through a second printing because Amazon underestimated the demand. But she will be holding her first book signing and discussion this Saturday, April 30, at Horton Bros. and Brown Pharmacy, in Grayson, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The book will be available to purchase at the signing, or you can pick it up through Amazon or from her website, kimberlypattonhome.com.

“I have a website we started in December and it’s a home décor site, where we sell items online, and the book is on there too,” she explained. “It’s items we use in our home, that we’ve curated and checked every piece out. Just things we love in our home that we decided to buy and share.”

For more information you can check out Patton’s website and sign up for her email newsletter there, or click on the contact form to ask questions.

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