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Camil Adventures, Carter County outdoor recreation group, presents check

By: Camila Haney
for Carter County Times

Hi, I’m Camila Haney from CAMIL ADVENTURES recently retired from First National Bank, Grayson, after 48 years of service. 

CAMIL ADVENTURES is an acronym for Connecting Avid Meanderers in Lightsome Adventures. In April 2019 we attended the Carter Caves Wildflower weekend, and from there we were off to hikes in different areas of the country. 

As we did these different hikes we figured we needed a name for our group. It was on a trip to Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill, KY down by the mill stream that we came up with our group name. 

Then after seeing groups in look-alike shirts in Hocking Hills State Park, Logan, Ohio, we decided that we must get shirts printed up with our group name. 

Sometimes we have folks join us for a day just to get to wear one of our shirts, but that’s all right. We love to share our passion for nature. 

An introduction of the group reveals that some are cousins, close friends, co-workers or neighbors. We have come to respect each other’s differences and opinions. However, when we come together we find that we are connected through kinship with nature. 

To celebrate my retirement, CAMIL ADVENTURES accompanied me to Laurel Gorge for an afternoon of hiking on Tuesday, January 26. The gorge is located near Sandy Hook, Elliott County, KY and approximately 20 miles southwest of Grayson, off KY Route 7. We believe in being safe, so we wore our masks and maintained social distancing. 

The first thing we did when we got there was to present a $250 check to Laurel Gorge Cultural Heritage Center that was a retirement gift from employees of First National Bank to reestablish the Kentucky Native Flora Garden and signage for the contribution . The check was accepted by Christy Lewis, director of the center.

The tone for the afternoon was set with a special presentation hosted by Angela Barker Thomas with the others joining in offering their congratulations with promises to accompany me on various adventures and to help with the Kentucky Native Flora Garden at Laurel Gorge. In addition to Thomas, other presenters included Lad Barker, Sheri Woods, Ed Woods, Will Matthews, Sandy Brown Litteral, and Layla Boone Litteral. 

Then we hiked the Cliff Line trail so named with huge sandstone boulders all along the right side. The sun played hide and seek with the water fall. As we stood on the lookout platform watching the falls, we were fortunate to see a rainbow. This was my second time to see a rainbow at the falls. 

For others in the group it was their first experience. I was so caught up in the “aha” moment that I didn’t bother to take a picture. 

We came back from the Cliff Line trail and took the Primitive Trail that follows the creek. We crossed a branch and hiked through the woods to another breathtaking waterfall. There had been a downpour of rain the day before, and Dog Falls was running at high speed. The sound and sight was refreshing. 

Now that I’m retired, don’t look for me on Facebook. I’m not there. But do look for me out there on a trail.

I am, Camila from CAMIL ADVENTURES



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