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Carter County Poetry Society 2020 contest

By Jeremy D. Wells

Carter County Times

Carter County Poetry Society president Lorie Zientara has released the group’s 2020 poetry contest categories. Each category has a $2 entry fee, with the exception of the Grand Prix, which has a $6 entry fee. Prizes in each category are $10 for first place, $7 for second, and $3 for third, except the Grand Prix, which pays out 60 percent of entry fees to first place and 40 percent to second. 

The Grand Prix entry can be in any style and on any subject, with a 60 line limit. In addition to the split of entry fees, the prize includes a $20 gift certificate to Coffee Tree Books. 

Other categories include; the prose poem, sponsored by Lorie Zientara; pleiades, a one-word title with seven lines, each beginning with the same first letter of the title, only six or seven syllables per line, sponsored by June’s Beauty Shop; Kentucky or Appalachian theme, 50 line limit, sponsored by Neal Salyers; rondeau, sponsored by Kathryn Finley; limerick, any subject, must be family friendly, sponsored by Kiser’s Klassic Kars; spiritual or inspirational, any style, any subject, sponsored by Jackie Brant; free verse, open form, any subject, no line limit, sponsored by Jeanie and Lavender Blooms; ballad, traditional or modern, any style, 50 line limit, sponsored by Camila Haney; personification, sponsored by Robert Caummisar; poet’s choice, any subject, any form, sponsored by Carol Mauriello; Braxton Barker, by adults for children, theme of sports/athletics, any length, any style, any form, target audience ages 10 – 14, prizes of $25, $15, and $10, sponsored by Angela Barker Thomas; haiku or short poem, any style and limit of 50 words for short poems, while haiku must conform to traditional form, sponsored by Laura Eklund; young writers, theme “Living in the Time of Trouble”, any style, level one, first to sixth grade, level two, seventh to twelfth grades, include grade level with name, sponsor Globe Hardwood, Inc. 

Only one poem may be submitted per category. Published poems or poems that have won more than $10 in other contest do not qualify. Work must be typewritten or submitted in electronic format. Results will not be revealed prior to awards banquet, which will be done via teleconference this year. Poems are limited to 32 lines unless otherwise stated in rules. Each poem must include the contest number and category name, in upper left corner, with no other identification. Age level should be included if required. On a separate cover sheet include the poet’s name and address. List all poem entries by poem number, category, title and first line. 

Submissions may be sent by post to Carter County Poetry Society, c/o Janet O. Maddix, 18166 W. US HWY 60, Olive Hill, KY 41164. Or they may be sent via email to CarterCountyPoetrySociety@gmail.com. Submissions must be received by September 30, 2020. 

Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony, which may be via Zoom this year, and will be printed in the Carter County Times after announcement. 

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  1. Thank you Jeremy for sharing this news about the Carter County Poetry Society Annual Contest for 2020. We hope we get lots of submissions. This is a year full of opportunity for artistic expression. There is a category for nearly every writer.


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