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On March 11, three children’s Bible quizzers from Olive Hill Church of the Nazarene competed at the final quiz for the Eastern Kentucky District at Ashland First Church of the Nazarene in Ashland, Kentucky. This quiz served as the district qualifying event for the World Quiz at the Church of the Nazarene’s quadrennial General Assembly on June 10 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

There are two levels of children’s Bible quizzing. Red level is for first-year quizzers or quizzers who are in first, second, and third grade. A quiz for red level consists of two rounds of fifteen multiple-choice questions, where each individual quizzer selects between three possible answers to each question. Blue level, intended for quizzers in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, involves twenty questions per round and four possible answers per each question. There can also be a team component for blue level quizzing if a church has enough quizzers.

This year, children’s quizzers studied the books of First and Second Samuel. Quizzers take an archeological journey through twenty “dig sites,” or lessons, with the characters Dr. Digalot and his trusty camel, Canteen, as they move around through the different biblical locales where the stories take place.

To qualify for World Quiz, a quizzer much reach the bronze level of achievement by answering 70% or more of the questions correctly. All three quizzers qualified for the world quiz. Jonathan Foltz and Alexander Ratliff received bronze level of achievement certificates, ribbons, and medals, and James Foltz received a silver level of achievement certificate, ribbon, and medal. Silver level of achievement is reached by answering 80% or more of the answers correctly. Gold level is for 90% or more of the questions correctly, and a quizzer can be named an All Star if they answer all the questions in a particular round correctly.

“I’m tremendously proud of our three quizzers as their coach, pastor, and the dad of two of them,” said Joe Foltz, pastor of Olive Hill Church of the Nazarene. “There wasn’t a World Quiz when I was a children’s quizzer, so it’s a unique opportunity for James, Jonathan, and Alexander to see that the Church of the Nazarene extends all around the globe and that there are thousands of kids studying God’s word just like they are. It’s also a testament to the hard work all three boys of put in as we’ve met on Sunday afternoon or Tuesdays after school to study the different ‘dig sites’ together.”

Rev. Foltz continued, “Anyone is welcome to join us for children’s Bible quizzing. Any child can participate in children’s quizzing. The only real requirement is the ability to read. We will start in July or August and will be studying the Gospel of Matthew next year. You do not need to be a member of or attend a Church of the Nazarene to be a part of children’s quizzing.”

Anyone with a child who would like to quiz can reach out to the church through their Facebook page.



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