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Forget Black Friday, shop Small Business Saturday 

Chambers of Commerce encourage shopping local this holiday

By: Jeremy D. Wells

Carter County Times

It’s inevitable that some of your holiday purchases this year will go to big boxes and chain retailers, both brick and mortar and online. But the Chambers of Commerce in both Grayson and Olive Hill would like to encourage you to consider spending a portion of your holiday shopping dollars right here at home instead, where your money has a much greater impact on the community and local economy.  

According to various sources, a dollar spent in the local economy turns over anywhere from seven to ten times before leaving the area. This accounts for, according to some reports, up to $68 of every $100 spent staying local, and generating 70 percent more local economic activity per square foot of retail space than corporate “big box” stores.  

Beyond the statistics, it only makes sense that money spent locally stays and circulates locally. It also logically follows that more of those tax dollars, that we all have to pay no matter where we go to shop, also come back locally to benefit our county and communities. 

It isn’t hard to do, either. Just stop at a local shop while you’re already in town. Buy a gift certificate for a pedicure, photo session, or massage. Pick up the tools your loved-one asked for from a locally owned hardware store.  

But if that isn’t easy enough, or you want more options for maximizing your holiday buck at home, the Chambers of Commerce also have suggestions.  

The Olive Hill Chamber, partnering with the Grayson Chamber, did Facebook livestreams from local vendors last year to highlight their goods and sales. They plan to repeat that this year.  

The Grayson Chamber has some further options who want to maximize their local holiday spending. These include the option to sign-up for texts related to local deal alerts, and eGift Cards that can be used at a number of participating local merchants. These help support the merchants and allow recipients more flexibility by spreading shopping opportunities out throughout the year.  

Those interested in receiving exclusive Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce digital deals texted directly to their phone can sign up by texting “SHOPLOCAL” to 888-497-3388.  

The digital eGift Cards will be made available online at the Grayson Chamber website, at www.graysonchamber.com and include a list of participating vendors.  

You can find more about the Olive Hill Chamber of Commerce and their events at www.olivehillchamberofcommerce.com.   

Both Chambers also encourage everyone to participate in Small Business Saturday, on November 26, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Whether you participate in Black Friday sales, or eschew it in favor of Buy Nothing Day on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday supports locally owned businesses in every community and helps keep dollars circulating in the local economy, that’s something, the Chambers believe, everyone should agree is good for the places we live.  

Contact the writer at editor@cartercountytimes.com 



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