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Fun at the Fair

When I was a kid growing up, the county fair for me was all about fair food. For my cousin, it was all about the rides. 

We both enjoyed elephant ears and funnel cakes, just like we both looked forward to going on the Scrambler. But we each had our own list of “can’t miss” activities we wanted to check out each year.
For instance, though they were probably at different levels on our respective lists, in addition to food and rides we both looked forward to the demolition derby.

While he couldn’t have cared less about the animals and exhibitions, that was the kind of thing that always made my list. (Especially the antique farm equipment.)  

What he was a big fan of was the games. He’d spend dollar after dollar winning, and trading up, prizes at the dart booth and basketball hoops. I was content to win a Hank Jr. mirror and go about my way. 

That’s the great thing about county fairs, though, they have a little something for everyone, and on Saturday folks took advantage of the pretty weather, braved the mud, and turned out for the final night of the Carter County Fair to watch the races, ride the rides, and eat deep fried oreos. They also sang karaoke, picked up free swag from exhibitors, and ate a lot of ice cream. A whole lot of ice cream. 
We’ll have a full list of contest and pageant winners in our next edition – including the ice cream contest winners pictured here – in our next edition. In the meantime, enjoy these photos of our 2022 Carter County Fair, and check out our online edition for even more photos from the fair. (Photos by Jeremy D. Wells, Carter County Times)



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