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McDonald’s recognizes Pennington

Staff member went above and beyond for customer

Staff Report
Carter County Times

The Grayson McDonald’s restaurant took time to recognize one of their long-term employees for his commitment to customer service – and doing the right thing – in an awards presentation last week.

The employee, Travis Pennington, has worked at the Grayson location for nearly ten years. But it isn’t his time at the location that earned Pennington accolades; it was taking time out of his day to help a customer.

Pennington was recognized after a “Thank You Crew” submission from a customer last month. In that submission the customer noted that though Pennington was on his lunch break at the time he noticed she had dropped her keys down a storm drain in the parking lot.

“The drain did not open, and it was about 6-7 feet down,” the customer wrote. “He worked on fishing my keys out, in the rain, while I ate my breakfast before church. He was on his time and saved me from a lot of aggravation and money because that was my only key.”

“He saved my morning, and I just wanted him to get some recognition because most people wouldn’t have taken the time to help,” she continued. “There is hope in the younger generation.”

Pennington’s manager, Becki Carpenter, said they decided to surprise him with the presentation and recognition when he came in for his shift on Thursday afternoon.

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