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Bluegrass Bible Beat: Living a Christ-like life

By: Scott Adkins, Sling ‘n Stone Ministry
Carter County Times

We continue our series, “Who Is Jesus Christ,” to learn more about the One Who calls us to “be thou faithful unto death,” (Rev. 2:10). But how, other than by reading the Bible or hearing a sermon does the world learn who Jesus Christ IS? The Lord tells us: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matt. 5:16).

The world learns who Jesus Christ IS by watching our lives, which are the only Bible many or most will ever read. Daily faithfulness to the Lord can do more to teach the world who Jesus Christ IS than just about anything else. Previously, we’ve honored several martyrs who unflinchingly gave their lives for The Lord Jesus Christ, and in so doing, showed the world who Jesus Christ IS. Many others have remained “faithful unto death,” but not suffered martyrdom. They too taught many who Jesus Christ IS.

Today’s example: Chief Petty Officer Adam Brown (SEAL). Chief Brown, a devout disciple for Jesus, gallantly gave his life in Afghanistan March 17, 2010 to give the SEAL’s beside him one more day. Jesus talked about this, saying “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13). Brown’s SEAL Team 6 unit came under heavy fire while trying to neutralize a Taliban commander. Brown deliberately exposed himself to withering enemy fire to cover his teammates, and he suffered multiple AK-47 hits.

Mortally wounded, Brown continued firing and communicating with his team. Chief Brown’s posthumous Silver Star citation says, “[h]is heroic actions under withering enemy fire changed the tide of the battle and inspired those around him to courageously eliminate the remaining enemy fighters.” Yes, Brown’s gallant sacrifice spoke volumes to his SEAL teammates about who Jesus Christ IS – it reaffirmed everything Brown said to them in life about Jesus. But Brown’s life years before that also taught folks who Jesus Christ IS.

In one Afghan village, countless shoeless kids scurried about. No one noticed. No one except Brown who, shortly thereafter, shoed 500 Afghan kids. His SEAL teammates noticed that. Many now say Brown’s life made them “Christ curious.”

Brown is also the only one-eyed man to serve with SEAL Team Six. After losing an eye during training, Brown taught himself to shoot again—an impossible feat. Later, Brown lost two fingers. Yet he continued serving with distinction on SEAL Team Six. Brown’s life before the SEALs and before Jesus disappointed many—crime and drug addiction. Through Jesus Christ, Brown overcame it all, and passed basic SEAL selection and SEAL Team 6 selection. By every account, Brown never wavered. Chief Petty Officer Adam Brown (SEAL) remained “faithful unto death.” Brown continues, by both his exemplary life and selfless death, to teach multitudes who Jesus Christ IS – the One worthy of our life and, if called upon, our death.

May we all emulate Chief Brown.

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